Why Should Your Christian Band File Income Taxes?


Here’s the video transcript:

Look at Matthew 22:15-21

“Then the Pharisees met together to plot how to trap Jesus into saying something for which he could be arrested. They sent some of their disciples, along with the supporters of Herod, to meet with him. ‘Teacher,’ they said, ‘we know how honest you are. You teach the way of God truthfully. You are impartial and don’t play favorites. Now tell us what you think about this: Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?’ But Jesus knew their evil motives. ‘You hypocrites!’ he said. ‘Why are you trying to trap me? Here, show me the coin used for the tax.’ When they handed him a Roman coin, he asked, ‘Whose picture and title are stamped on it?’ ‘Caesar’s,’ they replied. ‘Well, then,’ he said, ‘give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.’”

Clearly the Bible instructs us to pay taxes. Whether we agree with how our government spends the money or not, we are required as Christians to obey the government. There is no question that to live up to what we believe as Christians, we must pay whatever taxes are required by our government. When we bring our actions more into line with what God tells us to do, we open ways for Him to bless us. When we do not act according to Scripture, we close off avenues that He may have wanted to use to bless us. Most Christians do not believe that if we pay our taxes God will make us rich. But we do believe that we must be obedient before we can expect to receive favor from our King. Pleasing God, which results in God’s favor, is more important than saving a buck on our taxes. His blessings will far outweigh any money we may gain by cheating on anything—whether it’s not paying the correct amount at the cash register, not returning lost wallets, or paying our taxes correctly. We need to pay whatever taxes we owe; not because the government needs or deserves our money but because we want to see God’s blessings overwhelm us. Look at your band’s ministry.

Do you have enough money to get done what God has called you to do? If not, the first step is to check your obedience level, especially in handling money.

Another reason to pay whatever taxes we legitimately owe is to set an example.

“And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good works of every kind. Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching.”

Titus 2:7

People watch Christians and ministries. People who are being convicted about the sin in their lives look for excuses to continue in that sin without repenting. Why be that excuse? Of course, we will never get everything right. We are not sinless. But, we can do what we know to do, and we all know that our government requires us to pay taxes. Be a good example of a Christian. Don’t cheat on your taxes. Settle that matter in your heart before moving on to figuring out how to best file your band’s taxes.

Here’s the link to move on to Part Two: Which Records You Need to Keep to File your Christian Band’s Income Taxes


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