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Lists of Places to Play

I keep track of 4 types of places for you to perform:

Christian Venues

These are places that are owned by Christians and primarily (but not always exclusively) regularly book Christian musicians. This list includes coffeehouses, youth centers, and biker ministries.

Christian Music Festivals

Christian Music Festivals book many Christian musicians to play once a year. This list includes links to each festival, the location and dates of the fest, and contact information.

State and County Fairs

Many state and county fairs book Christian musicians to play at a variety of stages. This list includes links to the fairs in each state and county.

Other Gig Opportunities

From time to time I get requests for Christian musicians to play an event that does not fit into one of the above lists. So, I put those requests here.

Please note that I cannot possibly keep up with all the possible places to play worldwide. So, almost all of these places to play are in the United States because that is where I live and what I know best. If you live in an area outside of the United States I encourage you to connect with other Christian musicians in your location to find places to play.

How to Use Our Lists

The most important tool you need for booking is an incredible press kit. Christian bands and solo artists press kits contain the same pieces as a secular artists press kit, but what those pieces say is very different. I have an entire series of posts dedicated to helping you create an effective press kit that will really stand out without costing you a fortune.

How to Create a Press Kit 

The next most important tool to use when booking your band is a one-sheet. The one-sheet is exactly what it sounds like: one sheet of paper which is a summary of your bands latest accomplishments. One-sheets can be difficult to make because the information has to be very brief. This post will help you:

Create a One Sheet

How press kits and one-sheets are used in the booking process is also different for Christian artists than secular artists. I asked bookers from Christian venues why they asked certain performers to come back again and again. Here’s what they said:

Reasons Christian Venues ask Bands to Come Back

Christian artists are most often booked primarily based on ministry quality.  But, how to go about booking varies with each type of place you play. So, I created a series of posts to help make the process as easy to understand and implement as possible.

How to Get Your Christian Band Booked at Churches

Band Ministry Outside Church Walls

Book More Local Gigs

College Campus Booking

House Parties

How to Book Your Band at State and County Fairs

Coordinating all these different places to play can be a challenge. Here is  a free PDF Christian Band Booking Calendar that will help you know which venues to book when and how to go about it:

Show Me How to Book More Shows



Questions I get asked frequently about booking are:

“Should My Christian Band Hire a Booking Agent?”

“Should we play FREE Shows?

“How much should my band charge for a show?”

“Should we use performance contracts?”

Lastly, I have a reminder to you:

Thank the Bookers and Promoters who Book Your Band

I hope all this information is truly helpful to you. I know it has helped many other Christian music ministries. As always, if you have questions or additions to be made to our lists feel free to e-mail me at: or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

The Christian Band Handbook

The Christian Band Handbook

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