The Ministry of Art


Why Christians Must Use Art as a Ministry in Our Culture

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The ministry of art is important to God because it is unlike any other tool we have to change our world.

Typically people communicate by talking, teaching and sermons are examples. We hear the words, process them through our brains and then decide if we agree, disagree, or want to change our minds. After that, we may want to change our actions and eventually our hearts. This kind of change is a process of thinking and deciding.

Art is a process of feeling and experiencing.

When we share our creations with other people they become a form of communication. Communicating through artistic creations connects both the artist and the audience instantly, heart to heart, spirit to spirit. The audience does not have to decide anything about the information to experience it. In other words, unlike how we are taught in school or in sermons, we do not have to learn or think about a piece of art—we experience it.

Experiencing art can be so powerful and memorable that lives are changed in an instant.

Some examples of the potential impact of art are a song lyric that gets stuck in your head, a painting you just can’t help stopping and looking at, or a poem that tugs at all the compassion in your heart. We have all had art impact us—it is infused into the very nature of our current culture. We go inside a store or office and almost always hear music. The internet, video games and television are full of artistic images. Even much of our clothing and jewelry now falls into the realm of artistic expression.

The Ministry of Art is the experience that occurs when we use art to communicate an attribute of God.

When we use art to communicate any aspect or attribute of God the experience becomes a powerful ministry. The ministry of art does not need to be learned or taught, it happens experientially often in a matter of moments. The result of this ministry can change what we think or how we feel just as quickly.

The impact of art on our lives can change us forever.

The effectiveness of the ministry of art is why it is important to reach your full potential in music ministry.

You have the ability to bring people closer to Jesus and change their lives for eternity.


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The Ministry of Art

For example, look at this classic painting of Jesus Carrying the Cross by El Greco. Did you analyze the quality of the painting? Did you check out the colors and brush strokes first? Or did you relate to the subject matter, the message of the painting before looking at the technical aspects?

The potential power of art to change a culture that is so infused with art cannot be ignored by the church. Sunday morning church service attendance may be on the decline but our daily experiences with art are on the rise. It only makes sense that as modern-day Christians, we must support this key tool that God is using to impact this generation.

We need to fund Christian art and artists in all its variety of media and personalities as individuals and as the Church body. One of the best ways to support the ministry of art is to purchase works of art to use in your own life and to give as gifts. When we give the gift of art we are not only giving a beautiful gift, we are giving the gift of ministry. When we use art personally we are opening up the opportunity to have conversations with those around us about the art. These gifts and opportunities can result in changed lives. Support the ministry of your Christian local artist. Together we can use the ministry of art to change the world by bringing people closer to Jesus!

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