Heart Music – The Christian Musicians Devotional

Heart Music - The Christian Musicians Devotional

As Christian musicians and songwriters, we must always be mindful of the potential impact our ministry has on our fans.  It is our pleasure and also our responsibility to write and perform songs that will sink deep into people’s hearts and then change their minds and lives. Christian art, and especially music, has the unique … Read more

Christian Songwriting Contest

  CMUnited 15th Annual Christian Songwriting Contest CMUnited hosts international songwriting contests quarterly, and this contest is officially the longest-running Christian songwriting contest in existence. This contest features useful prizes, promotional opportunities, and low-cost entry fees. CLICK HERE for their information page. This page has prizes listed, entry fees and submission deadlines for each quarter.

Notebooks for Songwriters

Are you an avid songwriter? Do you like to write down your songs by hand? Check out these extremely easy to use notebooks: The Musician’s Notebook: Manuscript Paper for Inspiration and Composition This notebook includes: staves for writing music, tablatures for recording chords, and space for writing lyrics. Pages also have quotes from legendary musicians … Read more

The Title of Your Song IS Important

Many songwriters compose the title of the song after the song is written. Most often the song title is pulled from a key phrase or thought within the chorus of the song. Some artists view the song title as the final touch of the work like a painters signature, others see it only as an easy way … Read more