Complaining – Christian Musicians Devotional

Complaining - The Christian Musicians Devotional

Everyone complains, at least once in a while. We even complain about our ministry. We don’t think much of it and readily excuse ourselves from complaining. It’s just a little thing. Or is it? Here’s an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional to help us get a better perspective on the effect complaining has on … Read more

Right – Christian Musicians Devotional

Being Right - The christian Musicians Devotional

Members leaving bands and bands breaking up are all to common in the Christian music ministry. Disagreements happens, tempers flare, and before you know it—someone leaves. We expect this behavior from secular musicians. But Christian musicians are called to a higher standard. We must keep our focus on working together to accomplish the ministry. Here’s … Read more

Holy – Christian Musicians Devotional

Holy and Anointed - The Christian Musicians Devotional

The anointing we feel when we play on stage is not necessarily a stamp of God’s approval. It is a sign of God’s hand working through us and our ministry to accomplish His will on earth. God can use anything to do His work on earth; for example, He worked through a donkey, a prostitute, … Read more

Night Watchmen – Christian Musicians Devotional

Night Watchmen - The Christian Musicians Devotional

Last winter an acquaintance posted on Facebook after 1 am that the pilot light had gone out in her furnace and they could not get it to stay lit. She needed some space heaters to get her through the night (it was 19 degrees here). I responded back, “Hey, I’m awake and I have 2 … Read more

Greatness – Christian Musicians Devotional

Greatness - The Christian Musicians Devotional

Comparing ourselves to anyone else is always dangerous. It is especially dangerous when Christian music ministers start comparing themselves to musicians. It is entirely possible to be a great musician who is a Christian but not be a great music minister. We are more than just musicians, so the expectations of us are also more. … Read more

Fear – Christian Musicians Devotional

Fear - The Christian Musicians Devotional

Christian music ministries must protect their good name. Christian bookers will not hire a band with a sketchy reputation. We represent Jesus and we want to make Him look good to people who look at us. But what does Jesus think looks good? In an effort to avoid the appearance of sin are we falling … Read more

His Way – Christian Musicians Devotional

His Way - The Christian Musicians Devotional

Have you ever considered that God hears things about you? For example, He hears what other people say in prayer, to your face and behind your back,  as well as what the angels tell Him, what demons accuse you of, and what you say about yourself. God hears about you.  What is He hearing? What … Read more

Use All Your Gifts – Christian Musicians Devotional

Use All Your Gifts - The Christian Musicians Devotional

In the process of gift buying for Christmas, birthdays, and other special days we frequently overlook the best gift of all—the gift of ourselves. We are more than only musicians. We are people who love and are loved by God. Let’s use everything we have and everything we are to share that love with the … Read more

Synchronicity – Christian Musicians Devotional

Synchronicity - The Christian Musicians Devotional

Here’s your new word for the day: Synchronicity. In this application, it means lining up our actions to God’s plan. Synchronicity starts when we spend time finding out what God is doing, why He is doing it, and how He wants us to participate. Then we come into line or synchronize with His plans, ways, … Read more