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There is no magic formula for booking your band, it requires consistently finding and contacting people who might be interested in your music and your ministry. It’s much easier for musicians to sit back and wait for the opportunities to find us. It’s gratifying when someone seeks us out. Sometimes we mistake that feeling of gratification as ministry validation. Too often we wait for people to contact us because we know that God has called us to this ministry. But true ministry reaches out, it seeks to serve, and to make other people comfortable while we are serving.

No one likes to contact people we don’t know, including bookers. It’s easier for them to contact musicians they already know. So music ministers who do don’t actively pursue gigs don’t get them because bookers generally book musicians they know and trust.

If we don’t make the effort to reach out,
the band won’t have places to minister.

It’s hard. I know, I’ve had to do it. At one point I put a chocolate candy bar on the table in front of me and told myself that I would eat it as soon as I booked a show. It stayed there a long time, but finally I got to eat it. I was so excited that I’m not sure I really enjoyed the chocolate!

Eventually I recognized a pattern to booking and things got easier. In the end I realized that booking can be a ministry. Bookers often struggle with ministry and life issues but do not have people around them whom they feel free to talk to. So if you can learn to minister to these ministers, to truly develop relationships with them, booking will be much more pleasant. When it comes time to book their show, they will call their friend first—you.

To make it easier on you I have broken down my booking strategy into the primary tasks to do each month.

I spent years booking and had to learn the hard way by trial and error. It would be wonderful if you did not have to go through that process. So I’m giving you my strategy—FREE.

When you click the button below you will get a 3 page PDF that outlines what to do each month to get the most possible and best gigs. I can’t do booking for you, but I can share the process that worked for me!

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Christian musicians need places to play to be able to do their ministry.

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