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Christian Musicians Devotional

The Christian Musicians Devotional

The Christian Musicians Devotional is a year-long daily devotional. It specifically addresses issues common to the unusual lifestyle and ministry of Christian musicians. Meeting with God daily keeps us spiritually strong. The goal is to bring us closer to God so that we can then show His love to other people.

Available in paperback and digital formats for all devices.


The Christian Band Handbook

The Christian Band Handbook

There is a lot of information available about how to create a successful secular band, but not much specifically written for Christian bands. Some things we need to know are the same and some are very different. This book will help avoid most of the pitfalls common to music ministry and guide you along the way to create an extraordinary music ministry.

Available in paperback and digital formats for all devices.


Christian Fest Survival Guide Cover

The Christian Music Festival Survival Guide

This is my FREE gift to you!
I released this guide under a Creative Commons License which allows you to add your band’s information and then share it with your friends and fans (as long as you give it to them for free)!

Available in formats for all devices.


Who doesn’t love a good word search puzzle?  

Searching for the words exercises the brain and the Christian song titles encourage the spirit. These books make great gifts for people in the hospital or shut in.

Christian Hymns Word Search Puzzles Volume 1


Christian Hymns Word Search Puzzles Volume 2


Christian Southern Gospel Songs Wordsearch Puzzles: Keep Your Mind Sharp and Your Spirit Strong


Coloring books for adults to color are extremely popular for stress relief right now.

So, we created a coloring book of Bible stories to remind us of God’s love and faithfulness.

Illustrated Bible Stories: An Adult Coloring Book of 106 Antique Etchings

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Christian musicians need places to play to be able to do their ministry.

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