Saying I Love You While on the Road

Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, and Anniversaries often occur while your Christian band is travelling. So, how do you let the ones you love know you are thinking about them on their special day when you are on the road with your Christian band?

Here’s some creative ideas… some take a little planning ahead, but are well worth the effort.


Saying I Love You While on the RoadGive a gift of doing something special while you are gone.

One of the greatest difficulties your special people face is loneliness when you are on the road. There is no substitute for you, but keeping busy does help make the time fly by. So, giving a gift of staying busy doing something they would not normally do when you are home is especially thoughtful. Creativity and planning can make saying “I Love You” and extraordinary memory.


Here’s some ideas to get you started thinking:

● A Spa Day – Give the gift of pampering herself. Most cities and larger towns have day spas. If there is not a day spa in your town check the spas in hotels. Many allow non-hotel guests to purchase services.

● A Beauty Day – Purchase gift certificates for a manicure, pedicure, hair cut and coloring, etc. at her favorite beauty shop. Make sure the amount is more than she usually spends, so she can try extra services she does not normally use.

● A Shopping Trip – Who doesn’t like to spend a day shopping? Guilt free shopping is even better. Buy gift certificates to a variety of their favorite stores (this works for kids too). Don’t forget to include a gift card for lunch also.

● Special Events – Buy tickets for your loved one and a friend to go to a special event (concert, movie, theater, sports event, etc. – whatever interests them).

● Hobby Days – There are days to connect with almost every known hobby … scrapbooking parties, cooking classes, book clubs, jewelry making parties, etc. Find out from friends or call the supply store to get information about how to get invitations and/or tickets to those days.

Give a Gift to Create a Memory

When it comes to love, we are all pretty sappy. Everyone loves an AWWW moment. Those are the times we cherish and remember forever. These times don’t need to cost a lot of money but they do need some thought and planning ahead. Here are some ideas…

● Write a song, record it, and send the link during the loneliest part of the day (just before bedtime). There are so many ways to accomplish this now – technology has made our lives so easy!

● Write love notes on small cards and hide them in places like the closet, refrigerator, on the seat of the car, in the pocket of the bathrobe and stick one on the mirror. Remember to mail a note a couple days in advance too.

● An unexpected surprise. Give your house keys to a friend who can sneak in and decorate. Have them leave a computer set up for video conferencing (like Skype), so you can yell “Surprise” as your special person walks in the door. Helpful Hint: Try not to scare them, give them a couple seconds to get in the house and notice the decorations before you start talking.

● Create a movie of your life together. There are several programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker which make it easy to create a memorable video or slide show.  Use 15 to 20 clips or photos of you as a couple or family; add music, and personal messages. Text your special person when it is time to watch the movie.

Interesting Ways to Give Gifts

● Leave a gift with a friend who will drop it off on the correct day and spend some time chatting.

● Hide the gift and reveal the location in a phone call on their day. Or, if you really want to have some fun, use a scavenger hunt with multiple clues.  Each new clue can be a cleaver way to express your love.

● Have your gift delivered to the office in a noticeable way (for example: put colored hearts all over the package) to create curiosity among coworkers.  They will go out of their way to be extra friendly just to find out what is going on.

● Leave the gift at an unexpected place. Does your wife always pick up the kids from Daycare, or always go to a coffee shop before work? Leave a gift with them. She’ll be touched that you remembered her routine and honored her in front of people she sees every day.

Remember that the greatest impact your ministry will have is to those closest to you. Honor and love them by paying special attention to them while you are on the road. It will make your leaving easier and increase the joy upon your return. Your family and friends sacrifice daily so that you can continue to do your music ministry. Acknowledging their contributions to your ministry will make band life a little easier for them and you will be a hero in their eyes!

Do you need more ideas to make your loved ones feel loved while you are on the road? Check out this book by best selling Christian authors Stephen Arterburn and Carl Dreizler:

52 Simple Ways to Say “I Love You”

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