Reasons Christian Venues Ask Bands to Come Back

Every Christian Band has experienced the lack of shows lately. Money is really tight for most Christian venues and promoters. Many, many venues have closed. So, when your band does get a show it is important to get asked back to play again. I was going to write a blog about how to do that, but decided instead to ask the venues so you could hear it from the horses’ mouth so to speak. The answers are very similar… here they are, in no particular order…

We get a lot of requests from Christian bands that expect to be booked at Murray Hill Theatre specifically because they are a “Christian” band. A lot of these bands aren’t necessarily ministry/oriented outreach bands but rather something that resembles an edgier praise & worship group or a band trying to mimic their favorite CCM artist. I will book some if we have room but mainly I make more of an effort to bring bands in who are a little more interested in attracting the lost than entertaining Christians. 


Once they get a slot on our stage I will bring back those bands that are prompt and act professionally. Bands that not only respect me as the venue manager & director but also show the same level of respect to our production staff and volunteers. Bands that understand that the real ministry occurs off the stage; these are the bands that intentionally and go out of their way to interact with patrons & fans along with all the other bands on the bill. Lastly, if and when they share their testimony onstage it’s genuine and authentic and not the obligatory: “hey y’all the only reason we do this…”  Bottom line is if you have to tell me that you’re a Christian band then you’re not really Christian band. I should be able to see it clearly in your music and they way you conduct yourselves that you are a Christian band.

Flip Padilla
Murray Hill Theatre

As a venue we are looking for bands to do 2 main things:

1. Represent Christ in their music and their behavior
2. Promote the show that they’re booked on to get people to the show

If the band considers their music as a ministry they need to reflect that on and off stage. If there isn’t anyone at the show due to their lack of promotion then their witness doesn’t fulfill its full potential because no one will be at the show to receive from it.

I hope this comes across as I intend for it to.

Chad Everson
The Gear Music Venue

We are a small Christian Venue that just relies on a freewill offering container to pay the bands. I like bands (I say bands but we generally only have solos, duos, and trios) that have a heart for serving Jesus in what they do and enjoy doing it. I want people whose number 1 goal is to serve the Lord Jesus whether they are paid little or much.

I like people who are not ashamed of the name of Jesus. If I go to their web site and don’t see the name of Jesus anywhere because they are trying to fit into the secular music scene, it is a real turn off to me. Not that there is anything wrong with playing to secular audiences, but be yourself and don’t be ashamed of the name of Jesus. It is the name above all others and worthy to be praised!!! We do get more requests than we can book because we only do 10 shows a year and one of them is an open mic and one of them is us (Cece and Me).

Paul Ellingsen

As a venue run by Christians we love to have Christian bands come in to minister to our usually secular audience.  We look for bands that show up willing to be a part of a show, not needing to be the center of attention.  We also look for bands who are approachable, not “preachy” and who demonstrate their faith with their actions and don’t just rely on the title “Christian band” for people to know what they are about.  Of course just like any band, bands that promote, bring out fans and work hard are always desired!

Elizabeth Kilby
The Attic Club

I pay close attention to all of our performers who come to minister in the coffee house.  If their lives do not illuminate of a Christian witness, I do not invite them back. 

Ronald Callahan
Coffee House Ministry

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