Christian Band Press Kit Test

Your Christian bands press kit is like a businessman’s resume—a good resume usually gets the better job, a poor resume usually means unemployment.

The press kit is the main tool that music business people use to learn about your band’s music. It should clearly communicate the message of the band in an effort to expand your ministry. People that use press kits include: Pastors and Youth Group Leaders, booking agents, bookers and promoters, print media editors, label reps., publicists, and radio programmers. Your goal is to give them a powerful tool that they are excited to use.

Test for Press KitsHow does your press kit stack up? Are you getting more press, more airplay, and more gigs because your press kit is effective? Or is it causing your band to be forgettable?

Here are the top 25 things I look for when evaluating a band press kit. Take the quiz and see how your band rates…

Circle YES or NO for each question.

YES   NO   Does the band have both an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and a physical press kit?

YES   NO   Does the overall look of the press kit match the bands brand? (Does it coordinate with the bands look on stage, the band’s web site, at the merch. table etc.?)

YES   NO   Is the EPK easily accessed from the band’s web site?

YES   NO   Is the overall look of the physical press kit good quality but not too expensive?

YES   NO   Is your band logo on the front cover of the physical press kit folder and the first page of the EPK?

YES   NO   Are the fonts and colors of the logo used consistently on every page of the press kit?

YES   NO   Is the cover letter written on band letterhead with the band logo shown?

YES   NO   Does the cover letter tell the promoter why they should hire this band? (What makes your ministry stand out from the rest?)

YES   NO   Are there 2 Business Cards included with the physical press kit?

YES   NO   Are the business cards eye-catching, interesting and unusual?

YES   NO   Does the Band Photo reflect the band’s music genre?

YES   NO   Is the logo and booking info included on the photo?

YES   NO   Does the photo intrigue you to want to learn more about this band?

YES   NO   Does the band have several Reference Letters and Quotes to choose from so that press kits can be tailored to the recipient?

YES   NO   Is there at least one reference letter from a respected Pastor?

YES   NO   Are there reference letters and quotes from anyone I know (or should know), people with name recognition?

YES   NO   Does  the Lyric Sheet  include the songs on the CD Demo (which are the bands most popular songs)?

YES   NO   Are cover tunes listed by title only?

YES   NO   Does each Band Members’ Biography concisely tell the story of Gods work in that members’ life?

YES   NO   Are all the biographies on one page?

YES   NO   Does the Band History/ Biography answer the question, “What is God doing through your band?”

YES   NO   Is there a CD Demo in the physical press kit and downloads available for the EPK?

YES   NO   Are the recordings a fair representation of the band’s music? (high quality but not overly produced)

YES   NO   Do I feel any connection with this band or its ministry after reading the press kit?

YES   NO   Does the press kit compel me to want to work with this band?

Give yourself 4 points for each YES answer and nothing for the NO’s. What’s your score? The totals are just like in school:

100-90 is an A   Fix just a couple things and your band has a winning press kit.

80-89 is a B   Not bad – take some time to tweek the NO answers so you can really get the most out of your press kit.

70-79 is a C  Your press kit is average. But, we know your ministry is way above average – get to work and fix the problems so your press kit represents your ministry well.

60-69 is a D   You have some work to do. But, now you know where to focus your efforts for the maximum return. You can do this! Reread the blog posts that will help in the areas you need it most.

Below a 60 is Failing. Most bands receive this grade the first time through. Don’t be discouraged because you are ahead the pack just by knowing that you need to improve.

Read the entire category of posts about press kits and start making improvements a little at a time.

Press kits are a lot like your Christian faith walk in that no one and none are perfect. We are all just moving towards becoming better and better. You will be working on upgrading your press kit for the rest of your musical career – that’s just part of the job. So, no matter what your score, update and upgrade your press kit now to be better next year!

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