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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are some of the most popular social media platforms you can use to market your music—but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Social media can be a real time suck if you try to market your music on every site.

Where should you spend your time promoting your music and growing your fanbase online?

My advice? Don’t try to do it all. Choose a few platforms and do them really well. Then, as you have time, add more.

How do you know which social media platforms to spend the most time on?

Match the platform’s demographics to your target audience. In other words, Look at the characteristics of the people on each platform and go where your potential audience already is.

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If your band has a goal of bringing the gospel to non-Christians, you’ll want to focus on using the most popular secular social media platforms for your target audience’s demographics. But if your band focuses on encouraging Christians, you may find Christian social media platforms to be very effective.

Christian social media platforms are much smaller than their secular counterparts but they’re also much more targeted. So if you want to build a fanbase that is primarily Christian, you should take a closer look at Christian alternatives to secular social media.

Most of the people who are on Christian social media sites primarily listen to Christian music. They are looking for music just like yours! This targeted audience gives you the opportunity to build a highly engaged fanbase very quickly, with much less effort than secular platforms would require.

What are the most popular Christian social media sites today?
The clear frontrunner of Christian social media sites is

GodTube has 1,823,022 likes on Facebook with 1,760,517 followers. They have 14.1k followers on Twitter. Current Quantcast stats show audience size in the United States to be in the 300k – 450k per month range (that’s about 10,000 to 15,000 per day).

Here’s a quote from Wikipedia about GodTube:
“According to a November 2010 Quantcast assessment, the GodTube audience is 60% female and 40% male, with a high percentage of teenagers and baby boomers. Users are also widely middle class.”

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Here’s how GodTube describes what they do:
“ is a video sharing platform offering online Christian videos with faith-based, family friendly content. Popular video sections on GodTube include: Christian bands and singers in Christian music videos, Christian comedians, funny video clips featuring kids & animals, inspirational videos.”

GodTube is very similar to YouTube but without all the features.

Similarities include: places for users to comment below each video with suggested videos on the right side, a simple tool to search for keywords, the ability to share videos, and a count of the number of views each video has received. Also like YouTube, GodTube features videos on the homepage, but it’s much easier to get featured because there is less competition for featured spots. Featured videos are chosen because they have the most total number of views in the past 24 hours.

Differences between YouTube and GodTube are primarily in features that GodTube does not have.

Significant differences to musicians include:
• the lack of custom thumbnails for videos
• the ability to schedule a video’s publish time
• analytics
• video editing
• and the ability to upload videos over 500mb

(I used to get a few of my videos under 500mb and it seemed to work well. There are several video compression alternatives available or you can do it yourself. Here’s a Link to a Wiki-How Article

In general GodTube runs and uploads more slowly than YouTube. I found that changing browsers from Google Chrome to Edge helped reduce glitches (the select file button on the video upload page seemed particularly prone to being glitchy) and increased speed.

Users do not have to sign up to view videos but you must register to upload videos. Registration is pretty straightforward, they ask for a username, password, email address, first and last name, date of birth and gender.

GodTube is free to view and upload videos, but there is advertising on the side of each page. Unlike YouTube, advertising is not added to each video. So depending on how you have your YouTube account set up, sharing from GodTube to other social media sites might have the advantage that potential fans wouldn’t have to watch ads before they see your music.

There is an artist’s directory on GodTube, but there are no clear directions posted for getting listed on the directory. I e-mailed GodTube’s customer service asking how to get listed and if an artist has to be signed to a label to be in the directory.

Here’s their answer:
“The artists that are featured in our directory are those that have either partnered with our site or have shown to drive significant traffic towards their videos. An artist does not need to be signed to a label to be listed in the directory. We encourage all artists to upload their videos to GodTube, free of charge.”

I uploaded several of Christian Band Help’s instructional videos to GodTube. I did not put links to them on Christian Band Help’s website or social media, or promote them in any way, as a test to see how many views the videos would receive organically. Most of the videos received just a few views over a couple weeks. Obviously instructional videos for Christian musicians are not going to do nearly as well as music videos because your audience is anyone who loves your music genre. What my test does prove is that some organic search views are happening on GodTube, so you should expect to find some new fans.

My best advice about using GodTube to market your music?

If you’re marketing to Christians you should probably give GodTube a try. If you’re already making videos for YouTube, upload the same videos to GodTube as well—you’ll get extra mileage out of each video for very little extra work. Create an interesting profile, make sure to use the appropriate tags, and write a great description that will appeal specifically to Christians. Try a few videos and watch the number of views. If you gain any traction get more involved in the GodTube community by commenting on other people’s videos and continue to post more of your own videos.

Christians Like Me has 3270 total members. They have 6,019 likes and 5,873 follows on Facebook with 1,045 followers on Twitter. Users seem to be a little older and more traditional in their Christian faith. There is not an accurate secular social media comparison as Christians Like Me includes some aspects of several sites.

Christians Like Me says they are
“a FREE Christian social network that was created so you could share and grow your faith with other Christians throughout the world.”

They have groups, forums, and a place to add your own blog. You can upload photos and videos.

It’s important to note that Christians Like Me is not a place to advertise. Their Basic Guidelines say that they allow only “limited postings of weblinks”. I tested this out when I registered by putting a link in my bio. They let me keep the link but sent an e-mail to make sure I was not joining the group for the purpose of trying to sell my material to their members.

When you register, there is a spot for your testimony. This would be a great place to post your personal biography that you use in your press kit (EPK) and on your website—see how people react and then refine based on their comments.

I posted a blog and got several comments within 1 day. Here’s the Link So You Can Check It Out

The comments were not the usual “good job” type comments, they actually added more relevance to the blog as well as sharing personal experiences. Other blogs and their authors are experiencing the same level of engagement on their posts. In other words, the commenters at Christians Like Me really care about the topics and developing relationships with the authors.

The music group has only 100 members, which is too small to be considered a good place for music marketing. You can post videos of your songs and even tell the stories behind them (just be careful not to post too many links back to your website). People are going to comment on what you post, so this would be an excellent place to test out your testimony and stories about songs and then ask for advice about what resonates and how to improve.

There is a group called Top Christian Websites & Resources where you can submit your music website and provide a link. The goal of this page is to provide resources to Christian Like Me members; so make sure to highlight things like free music downloads, Bible studies, and anything parents or grandparents can use to help their kids.

My best advice to use Christians Like Me to market your music?

Don’t do it. Christians Like Me does not want you to join just so you can sell your stuff. But if you want the encouragement and support of Christians who will get to know you personally, listen to your ministry challenges and ideas, and give you wise counsel, this site could be a good resource for you.


Now let’s look at

According to myPraize has an average of 890 daily visitors. They have 650 likes and 572 followers on Facebook with 143 followers on Twitter. myPraize seems to be targeting a pre-teen through young adult user.

myPraize describes their platform like this:
“We are a free value-based social network with the best of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & YouTube. Are you tired of social networks that invade your privacy, disregard your values and waste your time? myPraize is different.”

Be sure to pay attention to the url here, myPraize uses a ‘z’, not an ‘s’. There are Christian radio stations that use an ‘s’, which causes some confusion.

After a user has created an account (which is free) they can participate in chats, forums, groups, and search to find new friends. There is a Christian Music Videos Club in the groups area but it does not seem to be very active. There are 25 results that come up if you search music, but most of them have not been active recently.

My best advice about using myPraize to market your music?

This site would require most Christian musicians to invest too much time for the few results you may get. Overall myPraize seems to have too few active users to be a good place to market your music. However, it may be useful if you want to create a specialized group that you don’t want to put on a secular social media site—an online Bible study for pre-teens would be a good example.


Back in 2008-2010 there were many Christian social media sites that were copies of popular secular sites. Today most of those sites no longer exist. Less sites is actually to a musicians advantage because we don’t have to spread ourselves (and our time) between more social media sites than we can do well.

It seems that most Christians have embraced popular secular social media sites, so it may be best to search out groups of Christians on those sites rather than to try to make an impact on the smaller and less active Christian sites.

Social media marketing requires a significant time investment. Make sure to choose the social media site where your target audience already is before spending time marketing your music.


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