Right Side Up Ministry – The Christian Musicians Devotional

In an effort to expand and grow our ministry we can lose sight of actually doing the ministry. The lost and hurting will always need to experience the love and presence of God, no matter who they are, what position they hold, how much money they have, or what they look like. As music ministers it is our job to look past the things of this world and minister to hearts who need God.

Right Side Up Ministry

“I have even seen servants riding horseback like princes—and princes walking like servants!”

Ecclesiastes 10:7

The way of the world is upside down. Foolish people frequently prosper while good hardworking people with common sense barely get by. In business, profitability defines success. Qualities such as integrity and fairness often go unrewarded and will cost the business money. Yet, even as Christian music ministers we tend to look up to successful business people. Take for example the way we act when a famous Nashville type agent or manager walks into the room during a gig. There may be hundreds of other people in the room, but as soon as we are aware of their presence, our focus shifts. In that moment we may miss the opportunity to change someone’s life for eternity in favor of trying to make an impression on a person that we may or may not do business with in the future.

How do we choose who to talk to in our limited time after a show? Do we choose the fan who flatters us the most? The concert promoter that pays us? The pastor? Do we talk to the fan that has something in common with us like video games? Do we spend most of our time talking to members from the other Christian bands? Are we actively recruiting potential donors by seeking out those who look like they have money? Or, are we looking at people through the eyes of God? Both servants and princes alike have a need for Him. People who have material wealth need our ministry just as much as those who do not. We cannot judge who we spend ministry time with based on looks, position, or their potential to somehow benefit our ministry in the future. We must be led by God’s Spirit to see past the deceitfulness of this world and directly into the hearts of people.

Father, teach me to see people the way You see them. Lead me to speak to those who need Your ministry the most.

This is an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional.

Christian Musicians Devotional
The Christian Musicians Devotional

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