Market Your Band’s Radio Interviews

Christian Bands need to market their Radio Interviews
Christian Bands need to market their Radio Interviews

Radio interviews play a key role in getting your band’s music on the air.

National acts usually dominate the airwaves. But, indies can find their niche by playing at and promoting local events such as charity fundraisers. Click Here then Click Here to find out how to find the stations and get the interviews.

However, to make the most of your bands radio interviews you must do a little more work as soon as the interview is booked. Your goal is to increase the audience size for the interview by creating interest in the interview.

The interview itself is important, but you need to make use of the many publicity opportunities available between the time the interview is booked and the air date.

Here’s a list of marketing ideas you can do to maximize your band’s radio interview:

Announce the booking on social networks. Let your fans know as soon as you are booked so they can post or tweet congrats to the band. Post something like: “So Excited! We just got booked by XYZ radio station to do an interview about the ABC Fundraiser.” Leave the details of time, date etc. to respond to comments asking for more information.

Add the interview to the calendar on your bands website. If the interview is to promote a special event you are playing, add the event as well.

Do something memorable on the air and advertise the surprise in all your marketing efforts. Come up with anything different than the usual radio show but in keeping with the format and tie in with the event. Make sure to clear the idea with the radio station host or director.

For example: I was promoting a new Christian teen club, focusing on the music and overall fun, on a Christian station marketed to youth. My partner and I had a contest with multiple trivia questions about popular bands we would be playing at the club. The looser, who thankfully was not me, got a pie in the face on air. The interviewer was great at commenting on how big the pie was, my partners face as he got hit, and how nice I was to smear it everywhere. Then my partner got to say how wonderful the pie tasted and to thank all the bands he did not get their trivia correct for the delicious pie. You can bet for weeks ahead of time the “pie in the face” was promoted by the station. And, of course, everyone who knew either my partner or I was listening to see who would lose. Opening night at the club was a huge success partly as a result of this kind of smart marketing.

Create a special announcement about your upcoming appearance on the band website. It’s not enough to just add the event to your calendar – call attention to the radio interview (and the special event you are promoting) on your website using a blog post or update. You can talk about how you got invited, when you go, etc. Of course, don’t forget to hint at the unusual thing you are going to do on the air. Expand on what you will be talking about by discussing the event and the organizations involved as well as what your band is doing.

Submit articles to your favorite ezines, blogs, and magazines. Use the special announcement on the band website as a start to write an article about the reason for the radio interview. For example: Why your band is participating in this particular fundraiser. Do not mention the radio interview, simply share an expanded version of what you will share on the air. Of course, include links to the band website.

Send copies of your special announcement and articles to everyone participating in the event. Many organizations have newsletters and websites where they will post your information (and your web site link). Do not dismiss these newsletters just because they are not targeted to your fans. They may reach people that hire bands for events that are for your target audience. This one tip can net your band several new gigs and contacts.

Post updates and teasers to your social networks. Your fans love to hear all the quirky details of your life including what is involved with preparing for your radio interview. Did you have to find out your partners favorite pie? Are you practicing what you might say?  Did you flip a coin to see which band member was going to talk most? Be interesting and keep your fans interested… post it.

Send an emails and/or texts out to your list. Before the show, on the day of the show and following the show, let your fans know about your radio interview. Keep it short and focus on the subject of your upcoming appearance. Remember that most people need to hear about something many times from several different places before they will actually participate.

Announce the interview at your gigs. Fill in a dead spot between songs by talking about the upcoming radio interview. You can always direct fans to the website for more information. Letting your fans know you are on the radio builds credibility.

Talk about the interview in person. People probably ask about what your band is doing now. When they do, mention your upcoming radio interview and the surprise you have planned. They want to be involved in something that makes the world better and is really fun. They need something fun to talk about with their co-workers and friends. Be the hot topic they can’t wait to share.

Radio station interviews can be a lot of fun and increase your bands fan base. Your band does not need to be a national act to get your songs played and to great time slots. Be prepared and make the most of the opportunity!

What has your experience been with live interviews? Do you have any tips you can share to help us all be better at marketing our on air time? Leave a comment.

Next up: tips to do a quality interview.

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