Lyric Sheets in Press Kits

Lyric Sheets are important in your Christian band’s press kit because lyric content helps bookers choose the music ministry that matches the goals of their event.


Lyrics Sheets are an easy project that makes your Christian band’s press kit stand out. They help bookers understand your ministry’s message and target audience.

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Hi! I’m Marie from Christian Band Help. Thanks for joining me today!

We are talking about lyrics sheets in your Christian band’s press kit. Lyric sheets are not required in a press kit, but I think it would be wise for most bands to include them because they are one more tool bookers can use to help determine if your band is a good fit for their event. Christian bookers compare your lyric content to the goals of their concert. In other words they want to know how “in your face” and Christianese the bands lyrics are so they can match the best music ministry to their event.

For example: a booker promoting a band for a motorcyclists event that is expecting a lot of non Christians probably would not choose a praise and worship band, no matter how high the quality the music. They would be looking for a band that explains God’s grace in a simple but non judgmental style. Ideally this band could also do some secular cover tunes that the audience would know. But a booker looking for a band to provide entertainment at a Church picnic would want exclusively Christian lyrics that are very up front about the band’s beliefs, they wouldn’t want any secular cover tunes. For this booker, encouragement toward a deeper walk with God would be more of an emphasis than His grace. Most Christian bookers are not looking to see how well the band has crafted their lyrics. They simply want to get an overall feel for the ministry to see if you will work well with their event.

So, especially when you are trying to be booked at a Christian venue, lyric sheets in your press kit are helpful. They are also helpful to you because, when done correctly, lyric sheets show bookers that you are the right band for the job. Of course you can’t put every song you play on a lyric sheet. But you can customize your lyric sheets for specific events by choosing which songs to highlight. You do not need to customize lyrics sheets for every event you are trying to book, but you may want to consider doing so if the event is important to you to play and if your band is very versatile in what you can perform.

For example: if you want to play at a Christian music festival you would choose to highlight your more overtly Christian songs by putting them first on your lyric sheets and you could either leave out secular tunes or list them at the end. Or if you wanted to play at the motorcycle event we used earlier as an example, you would put your most Christianese songs at the end with the more seeker friendly songs first.

Creating your Lyric Sheets is one of the easiest press kit projects—you’ll have this done quickly—here’s how:

In your physical press kit lyric sheets are one or two 8 1/2” x 11” sheets. You can use the backs of the pages. Your EPK should be the same, but saved as a PDF. Don’t use more than 2 pages of lyrics. If you have more songs than can comfortably fit on 2 pages, choose the songs you play the most. Then, at the bottom of the last page say something like “More lyrics available upon request”.

The temptation is to create a lyric sheet similar to the tiny one inside of a CD cover. But remember that the people reading lyric sheets will be bookers—business and ministry professionals. You can use any word processing program, such as Word, to create your document. But, be sure to keep the font size large enough to be easily readable. I like no smaller than 10pt. and use a common easily readable font such as Trebuchet, or Times New Roman for the lyrics. Do not use more than three fonts: one for the band logo, one for the song titles (I actually like to bold the same font as the lyrics), and one for the lyrics. Do not get crazy with color. The lyric sheet needs to be in black on a very light colored or white paper to be read easily. At most, your band’s logo could be in color. This is not the place to be overly creative.

Here’s the information to include on your lyric sheet:

Put the full band logo at the top of the first page, but not on the backs of the page or the second page. On those pages you can use a smaller font to say something like Lyrics Continued, or don’t put anything at all.

Choose the songs you perform most often and that fit most of the events you are trying to book. You do not have to include every song on your latest CD. If you rarely play a particular song live, don’t include it.

Put the band booking information at the bottom of each lyric sheet page. Physical press kit components often get separated as the different committee members look them over for approval and EPK’s are often printed to show to several people.

There is no need to write out lyrics for cover tunes. These can go on a separate sheet (page 3 of your lyrics if necessary) with only the titles listed. Use the same format as the lyric sheet, but title the page something like “Cover Tunes insert band name Can Perform”.

Here’s an extra tip for your EPK: create a link from your original song titles on the PDF lyric sheet to wherever the song can be heard online. This helps bookers to become more familiar with your music and helps you get more plays!

One final option is to include a copyright notice and credit the songwriters. This is not mandatory for the lyrics in your Christian band’s press kit, but many people choose to include them. My advice is to include it as long as it does not make the rest of the fonts extremely small. If the band holds the copyrights for all the songs on the lyric sheet it’s easiest to put one line in a small font just below the songs but above the booking information. If copyrights are different for each song the notice should go under the title of the song.

Including a lyric sheet is a super simple way to upgrade your band’s press kit. Lyric sheets help bookers match your music and ministry to their event. Your ministry stands our whenever you go out of your way to give bookers the best possible information about your band. This is why doing your press kit extremely well is critical to your band’s success.

Secular bands don’t need to include lyric sheets because the bookers don’t care about the lyric content. But Christian bookers really do. So lyric sheets are very helpful.

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Thanks for joining me today. Next time we will be talking about individual band member’s biographies in your Christian band’s press kit. See you then!

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