Increase Your Bands Fanbase with SEO Part Three

It’s the Little Things that Count

SEO Christian band fanbase
SEO can bring more fans to your Christian bands website.

Is your Christian band coming up as #1 on your SERP? Most of the time, being #1 is not that hard for bands to do. But if you have a band name that uses common keywords, it may be a challenge.

There are some little things you can do to make sure you get and keep the #1 spot…

Increase your keyword saturation.

One of the primary tools search engines use to rank your site is the number of times you use keywords throughout each page of your site. For example: I use the words “Christian Band” a lot. I pretty much dominate the keywords “Christian Band Help”. But using just “Christian Band” is much more generic, and so requires that I use those words more to stay on the first page of the SERP.

Tips to Increase Keyword Saturation:

• Use your keywords in the first paragraph of each post and page. For some reason, the first paragraph is more important to search engines than the following paragraphs.

• Use pictures in your posts. The pictures themselves do not make you rank higher. But, you can change the File name, Title, Alternate text, and Caption to use keywords. This gives you a slightly better keyword saturation.

• Decrease the number of words in each page and posts URL. Limiting the number of words in your URL to only keywords increases saturation simply by eliminating the excess. For example: If I had a post titled “Christian Band Help by Marie Wise”, I could easily eliminate “By Marie Wise”, which would leave me with the keywords “Christian Band Help”.  In WordPress you can change the title URL by clicking on Edit Permalink at the top of the edit page.

• Lastly, make sure you are using the All-In-One SEO pack plug-in correctly. Check the “Home Title”, “Home Description”, and “Home Keywords”, plus the “Title”, “Description” and “Keywords” for each page and post.

The next best way to increase your SERP ranking is to develop backlinks. Backlinks occur when another website links to yours. For example: On the resources page of Christian Band Help there are several ministries and companies I recommend. If you click on the pictures or titles of those companies you will directed to their websites. The link you click on is a backlink from my site to theirs. So, to rank higher on the SERP you want other web sites to have links that lead to your website.

There are entire websites devoted to telling you how to get more and better backlinks. You could spend way too much time learning about and doing this and it may or may not actually get you enough fans to be worth the effort. But, as you are conducting your everyday band business, opportunities will come up that you can use to get backlinks.

Here are some super simple backlink strategies:

• Leave comments on other websites. Use your website URL as your name on the comment form. Yes, people get carried away with this one. But if you are genuinely adding a comment to another website (not just spamming) go ahead and identify your site as well. Most people enjoy a real comment from a real person and will let you plug your band.

• Trade backlinks with other websites. Ask other bands and ministries if they will add your website to theirs if you reciprocate. Don’t go crazy when some people say “No”. Every website has goals and policies, which may or may not work for your band. Many venues and radio stations post a list of bands that have played, be sure your band’s name includes a link to your site.

• Include links in your advertising. Are you playing a venue that sends out electronic posters? Make sure they include a link to your site.

• Then, there’s the obvious: link to all your own stuff. Make sure your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Google plus page and profile, MySpace page, Twitter profile, Linked In profile… whatever internet presence you have… all has links listed to each other. Your own links are not the best links to increase your rankings. They are the easiest to do and may gain you the best fan interaction.

• If you have done everything else, and your website is still not coming up on the first page, try listing your site in free website directories, like Directory World,, Free Website Directory, and Tsection Web Directory. Search “free website directories” for a complete list.

Do the basics and your ministry will be stronger. Don’t worry about all the intricacies of SEO until you have mastered the basics and your ministry truly has a need to delve deeper into the world of search engines.

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Has something worked especially well for your band? Leave a comment so we can all benefit from your experience!

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