The anointing we feel when we play on stage is not necessarily a stamp of God’s approval. It is a sign of God’s hand working through us and our ministry to accomplish His will on earth. God can use anything to do His work on earth; for example, He worked through a donkey, a prostitute,  and some arrogant kings in the Bible. So we should not assume we are doing everything right simply because God works through us. We should also not assume that our “little” sins must be unimportant since God continues to use us.

Confronting the unholiness in our lives requires us to humble ourselves before our holy God. Our egos get crushed when we come face-to-face with our sin. But that is the path toward holiness. The most powerful and useful person in God’s kingdom is one who is holy and anointed.

Here is an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional to help us be more clear on the difference between anointing and holiness:

Holy and Anointed Hands

“In every place of worship, I want men to pray with holy hands lifted up to God, free from anger and controversy.”

1 Timothy 2:8

Whose hands are more anointed than that of a musician? We use our hands to play the instruments that lead people in the worship that opens hearts to prayer. Often, we feel that the Holy Spirit takes over and plays through us. We like to think that holiness is a prerequisite for anointing. So, we avoid looking honestly at our lives because we experience God’s anointing so frequently. But holiness is not a prerequisite for anointing. We cannot assume that we are holy because we feel anointed.

God can anoint anything or anyone to do whatever needs to be done to fulfill His purposes. For example: a talking donkey, an adulterer, a prostitute, a liar. Anointing is simply being given the power to accomplish God’s will. It is not necessarily wanted, earned, or deserved. So, an anointed musician is not always holy.

Holiness requires action on our part. Holiness starts with repentance—changing our hearts and actions from sin, accepting God’s forgiveness, and moving forward to become more Christ-like. It is not always about the sins we do not do; holiness also encompasses what we do, think, and strive to become.

Anger and controversy, while not necessarily sins in themselves, can be symptoms of a thought life or goals that are out of line with God’s way of life. We can use times of anger and controversy as a trigger to cause us to reexamine ourselves. Are we walking in holiness in the area we are angry in? If not, correct the problem and humbly move on to be the most effective kind of musician possible—a musician with anointed AND holy hands.

Prayer: Father, thank You for anointing me to play music. Show me areas in my life that I can work on holiness. I want to be a holy and anointed musician for Your use.

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