Have you ever considered that God hears things about you?

For example, He hears what other people say in prayer, to your face and behind your back,  as well as what the angels tell Him, what demons accuse you of, and what you say about yourself.

God hears about you. 

What is He hearing?

What is God hoping to hear? Simply that we are seeking out and doing His plan—His way, in His time, with good motives and a good attitude. If we implement His plan, God will not always hear only nice things about us. Demons will be angry, people will be upset because they are challenged to change, and we will be frustrated at times. The results, if we have correctly implemented God’s plan, are not our responsibility. If God wants different results, He will change the plan. Our responsibility is to obediently implement His plan. This is what God wants to hear: that we are being obedient to Him.

Here is an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional to give us a better picture of what God wants to hear about us and our ministry:


What God Hears About You

“How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of the messenger who brings good news,
the good news of peace and salvation,
the news that the God of Israel reigns!”

Isaiah 52:7

The messenger in this verse was a runner who ran from the battlefield to the king to let him know how the battle was going. Obviously, the king was happy to hear that his plans were being implemented and he was winning. He would then make plans to honor the heroes and celebrate his victory. The king was not so happy when his army was not doing what he said and he was losing. He would either send a message back to the battlefield to change his strategy or plan to live with defeat.

So, what is your King hearing about you and your music ministry? Are you on the battlefield, implementing His plan? If so, you can be sure His messengers are telling Him good things about you. We want God to know that we are working to advance His kingdom. He loves to hear about it because when we do His work, peace and salvation are the result. He wins the battle and the world is shown once again that our God reigns.

If you are on the battlefield but have not been implementing His plan correctly, ask for the changes and implement them right away. You are in a battle and your enemy is attacking—you do not have time to beat yourself up; your enemy is more than happy to do that for you. Simply stop doing things your way and start doing what the King says.

Remember that you cannot always see how the battle is going when you are in the midst of it. But your King is high on a hill; He can see the whole battle. Follow His plan for victory.

Father, I want the world to know that You reign as a result of my ministry. Bring peace and salvation as I follow Your plan.


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