Heart Music – The Christian Musicians Devotional

As Christian musicians and songwriters, we must always be mindful of the potential impact our ministry has on our fans.  It is our pleasure and also our responsibility to write and perform songs that will sink deep into people’s hearts and then change their minds and lives. Christian art, and especially music, has the unique ability to bypass the hearer’s brain and communicate directly to their heart.

When we use art to communicate
any aspect or attribute of God
the experience becomes a powerful ministry.

The ministry of art does not need to be learned or taught, it happens experientially often in a matter of moments. The experience of this ministry can change what we think or how we feel just as quickly. The impact of art on our lives can change us forever.


Heart Music

“Singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts.”

Ephesians 5:19

God is very concerned about the condition of our hearts. In fact, He says that our words and deeds come from the overflow of what is in our hearts. If God has our hearts, He has all of us. That is why we are told to worship Him with music in our hearts. Many believers do this throughout their day. They sing songs in their hearts that they have heard in church, on the radio, at concerts, on their mp3 player, and wherever Christian music is available. There is a constant search for new music that connects their hearts to God.

Have you ever considered that the songs you write today might become someone else’s heart music? You are not simply a secular musician trying to write a marketable song or express yourself artistically. You are not only a songwriting technician, trying to craft the highest quality music. You are writing music that will change people’s hearts, minds, words, and actions. When a Christian music minister writes any song, there is always a potential for that song to impact someone’s life for eternity. The song does not have to hit the charts or be performed by a famous band to change a life. The song you have inside you, the songs you will write in the near future, and all the songs you have already written are your heart’s music to God. Whenever you share your music, you are sharing the opportunity for the audience to get closer to God through the music. What an amazing gift and responsibility our Lord has given us! We can work towards crafting the best songs possible, but ultimately our goal is to connect people to God using the music in their hearts.

Prayer: Father, thank You for the gift of music! Help me to use this gift in a way that blesses other people and honors You.
This article is an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional.


Christian Musicians Devotional

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