Comparing ourselves to anyone else is always dangerous. It is especially dangerous when Christian music ministers start comparing themselves to musicians. It is entirely possible to be a great musician who is a Christian but not be a great music minister. We are more than just musicians, so the expectations of us are also more. Let’s use our music to do ministry like Jesus—then we will be great in God’s eyes.


Greatness by Comparison

“After they arrived at Capernaum and settled in a house, Jesus asked his disciples, ‘What were you discussing out on the road?’ But they didn’t answer, because they had been arguing about which of them was the greatest.”

Mark 9:33-34

We would not want our fans to know, but we all have private competitions going on in the band and with other bands. Who do the fans like best? Who gave the best performance at the last show? Who writes the best liked songs? Who has the most industry contacts? Who sold the most tickets to the show? It is an endless comparison of ourselves to each other.

We want to excel at our ministry. We can show our significance by getting enough “best of” comparisons under our name. We validate our self worth by being the best. We prove our importance to others by being on top.

Fortunately, Jesus sees past all our comparisons. He knows our hearts, our minds, and our motivations. All of our self delusions and tactics to keep others from knowing the truth about us are crystal clear to Him. Competitions and comparisons do not sway Him. Jesus knows who we really are, knows our true value and worth, and is still our biggest fan. He cheers us on towards truly being great, not just appearing to be great.

People who only appear to be great do ministry only when everyone can see them. People who are great look for the overlooked, the ones who are not being served, and serve them. People who are only called leaders make sure that they win the competitions to be best. People who are leaders do the work of the ministry whenever and however to whomever they can. Be great by doing great ministry, not by comparison.

Prayer: Father, change my heart to focus on doing what is truly great ministry in Your eyes. Show me what that is each day.
This is an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional.
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