Gravatars Help with Band Branding

The music industry is rapidly changing from the mass market/ label/ radio airplay model to musicians connecting directly with fans. As this change continues to occur, the internet becomes more and more important. Your Christian Bands online presence is critical to the growth of your ministry. Gravatars can help your bands brand be recognized by current and potential new fans.

An online presence is not enough to gain new fans if your bands brand is not recognized.

For example: If the bass player from your band comments on another band’s website, your band probably will not be recognized unless the viewer already knows the name of the bass player and that he is in your band. This viewer is not likely to be a potential new fan if they already know the bass player and has no way to become a new fan if they do not know the bass player.  If multiple band members are commenting on multiple sites or participating in different groups, you have an online presence but your band is still not gaining new fans.

To maximize the effectiveness of your bands online presence your bands brand must be presented at every opportunity. One super simple and free way to do this is to use a band gravatar. Gravatar is an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar. Your band probably already has an avatar on Facebook – they call it your profile picture. Your profile picture, or avatar, does not actually have to be a photograph, it can be anything you create and save as a JPEG file. This avatar should be designed to represent your bands brand, coordinating with your logo design.  The idea is that when someone sees your avatar they recognize it as representing your band.  Every time they see it, they should think of you. So, you want potential fans to see it as much as possible.

As an example, here is Christian Band Helps gravatar:

Christian Band Helps Gravatar

This icon shows up whenever I post anything as Christian Band Help. Do you see how the colors and design stand out better than a photo of me would? Hopefully, this icon is so easily recognizable that eventually potential fans will get curious because they see it so often that they find their way to this website. Your band can and should do this too!

Gravatars are linked to an e-mail address. So whenever I use the e-mail, this gravatar appears. I also have 2 other gravatars, one for the business of UnLeashed Arts (which is the company that owns that is linked to my company e-mail address and one for my personal family and friends that is linked to my personal e-mail. So, depending on which e-mail address I use, a different avatar appears.

Your band can have a gravatar linked to the bands e-mail.

Each member of the band can use the same band gravatar for their band e-mail accounts by uploading the identical band gravatar. Each member of the band can also have a separate gravatar linked to their personal e-mail accounts. For example:,,, and could all use the same band gravatar. Then,, and could have their own personal gravatars as well.

Whenever a band member wants to post as a band member they would use their band e-mail address ( and the band gravatar would appear. When they want to post personally they use their personal e-mail ( and their personal gravatar would appear.

To get started go to and click on the green “Get Your Gravatar” button.  Enter your e-mail on the next screen… this should be your bands e-mail if you are creating a band gravatar. Then click “Sign Up”.  Gravatar will send you a confirmation e-mail to that address.  So, check your inbox for a message from Gravatar with the subject line “Welcome to Gravatar”. Open it and click on the link. This link will send you back to the gravatar website. You will have to create a username and check its availability. Then create a password and put a check in the terms and conditions box. Click on the “Sign Up” button.  This will take you to a page that says you do not have an image yet. Click on the line “Add one by clicking here”. The next page allows you to select your gravatar. Click on the “Browse” button and choose the file you want to upload. Most bands will want to use their Facebook profile picture. Once you have selected your file click on the “Next” button. On this page you will be able to crop your image if needed. If you used your bands profile picture, you will probably not need to crop. Then, you get to choose a rating for your gravatar… this is like the ratings at the movie theater G, PG, PG-13 etc. After you select your rating, you will be directed to the Manage Gravatars page. If everything looks good to you here – you are done!

Using a band gravatar is not going to make or break your band. But it is one more little thing you can do to promote your band online. It’s easy and free – so why not!

Are you looking for more ways to promote your Christian bands music on line? Check out this book:

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