Let’s stop feeling guilty because we do not have as much money to give as we would like. Instead, let’s realize how much we already give using our gift of music and then push ourselves to give even more. I hope this inspires you to give yourself away completely as you go out and minister this weekend…

Generous Art

“The generous will prosper;
those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25

Christian music ministers are frequently frustrated when hearing sermons or reading verses about being blessed when we give. Many of us do not have extra money to give because we spend it on our ministry. Some of us feel guilty when we do not give, and we do not expect to be blessed because of our lack of giving. How are we supposed to be generous and refresh others when we have no money to give? We give ourselves in the form of our art, our music.

We have all seen musicians who play every note correctly but do not give anything to their audience. We leave feeling uninspired if not bored. Then there are other musicians who, while they may not play as difficult pieces or play as technically correct, leave us feeling that we have connected with God. These musicians are completely engaged with us, with the music, and with worshipping God. They risk showing us a part of themselves through their music. They are truly doing art. Their art refreshes our spirits. This is how we can give and give generously: we can pour ourselves into our music and the worship of our God so much that other people cannot help but be refreshed. This kind of giving is more than throwing a few extra coins into the offering; it requires us to risk giving everything we have, all of our heart all of our being, through music to refresh others. It requires experiencing our relationship with God in front of and with the audience. We are not giving from our excess, but risking ourselves in giving sacrificially. God loves this kind of a generous giver. He blesses our generous giving because it is more than just money—it is our hearts.

Prayer: Father, give me the courage to be a very generous giver.

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