Every Band Does Not Need a Website

Christian band website

Here I go again, bucking the ”industries” conventional wisdom by saying that every band does not need a website.  If your band is happy playing out for fun several times a year you probably do not need the expense and headaches of maintaining a band website. There is absolutely nothing wrong with existing as a hobby, enjoying the music, and ministering as the opportunity presents itself. In fact, I have recommended to several bands that they do just that. It is admirable that you would use your free time, your hobby time, to minister while enjoying yourself.

In this age of social media with all its Facebook pages, and tweets, YouTube channels, texts, etc. etc. etc. It is completely possible for bands to operate without a website. In fact, for some bands it may be best to avoid the expense and time involved with setting up and maintaining a website.  You can keep in touch with fans and find new fans if you manage social media well. And in this day of googling, forums, e-how, and FAQ’s we should all be able to figure out how to use social media to our advantage.

However, let me finish the sentence… every band does not need a website, but every Christian music ministry does.

If your Christian band has decided to focus on ministry as its primary reason for existence, if you have chosen music ministry as the primary focus of your life, you NEED a website… the ministry opportunities are just too important  to leave up to social media.

Disadvantages of using social media exclusively:

• Social media is constantly changing the rules – for example: recent Facebook changes allow you to pay to promote a post. So, we have all had to adjust the way we use Facebook. This can be expensive if your band chooses to pay to promote and time consuming to learn about and adjust to the latest changes. Multiply this effort and expense by the number of changes each platform makes each year and you have to make quite an investment of your time just to keep up.

• Most social media changes do not make promoting your band easier. Bands are most often lumped in with corporations. As individual users continue to complain about companies dominating social media, platforms will have to respond. Social media will probably continue to make changes to decrease corporate access unless they see that access as a way to generate money.

• Your band must create social media profiles and pages within each platforms format. This leaves you with fewer choices and restrictions on the design that best represents your bands brand, image and ministry. Your bands brand may be very similar across the platforms, but it will not be exactly the same. Fans may have to use more than one platform to get the complete picture of your bands music and ministry. Most importantly, many platforms do not allow room to completely share the ministry of your band.

•Social media platforms rise and fall in popularity. For example: MySpace. We all spent hours building our fan base, designing the site… and Facebook came along… MySpace was left unused. Stats say Facebook is on the way out now but no clear winner is taking over. Can you risk your ministry on what might be the next latest best thing? Where do your fans find you during the transition period? Your bands website.

Don’t get me wrong… social media is great! We should all be using it. But, if your Christian band is determined to be a serious long term music ministry, it is better to use a band website as the center of your online presence. Then, use all your social media to get fans attention and point them back to the website.

Reasons your Christian Band should have a website:

• A website is consistent. The bands website URL will never change, so fans will be able to find your band for years to come. If you have been around long enough you’ll know that fans come and go. But for ministries that are in it for the long haul, they often come and go and come back again! Music ministers find themselves frequently reconnecting with old acquaintances. One easy way to reconnect is through the same website the fans used previously.

• Your band is promoted exclusively on your website. There is no competition for the fans attention with news from everyone else. Your message, your ministry, is not diluted by what is going on in the rest of the world.

• The band website establishes credibility. Even though promoters will check your fan base on social media, in general business people view websites as more professional than social media. So, it is much easier to book the best shows through a website.

• The band has 100% control over the website format. This allows your band to represent its look, brand and ministry exactly the way you want it to be. Ideally, this look will be consistent with every other aspect of the band: on stage, at the merch. table etc. This brand becomes connected with your bands message.

• The band has 100% control over the website content. This is the place to share your heart and story of the work God is doing in your life! The band can use band member biographies, the band history page, as well as regular updates to connect people to God through your own stories.

Creating and maintaining a band website does require some money and quite a bit of time. It is an investment in your ministry. You can maximize the return on this investment online by using social media to direct people to your website. The time invested in adding the bands website URL to your social media pages and profiles is minimal, time well spent, and the cost is most often free or almost free.  Hopefully, this investment of time and money will help your band advance the kingdom by bringing people closer to Jesus, which really is the purpose of being music ministers.

Don’t have a band website yet? CLICK HERE to get my notes on how I created this one. I highly recommend using Bluehost as a host. I use it and they have been excellent at helping me get started. They have video tutorials on everything I need to know and their tech. helpdesk is off the charts excellent!


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