Solitude in Prayer – The Christian Musicians Devotional

We love to be busy doing our Father’s work, the work of the ministry. Touring, recording, and songwriting are aspects of music ministry that many of us truly enjoy, but they are also extremely time consuming. This excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional reminds all of us of our priorities in ministry. If we truly want to change the world, to bring people closer to Jesus, we must first spend time with Him. To be successful in ministry we must hear what he wants us to do, who He wants us to work with, how He wants us to do it, and when He wants specific things done. But God is not simply our task master or the administrator who organizes our life. He is a loving Father who simply wants to have relationship with us. Our job is to help other people experience the same kind of relationship that we have with God. We cannot do that if we do not take the time to develop our relationship first.

My personal experience has been that knowing what I need to do and actually doing it are two different things. I would never say, “God, I don’t have time to spend with You today because I am too busy doing your work.” or “I’ve got this God—I can do Your ministry on  my own today.” But with my actions, I have done it.

Let’s vow not to neglect the most important thing, our own relationship with our Father, while we are busy doing His work!


Solitude in Prayer


“After sending them home, he went up into the hills by himself to pray. Night fell while he was there alone.”

Matthew 14:23  NLT


Jesus himself needed to pray. This is just one of many verses that talk about Jesus leaving the crowds of people to be alone in prayer. It is interesting to note that He left people, sent them home, and stopped doing ministry, so He could pray alone.

In this age of cell phones, texting, messaging, internet, Wi-fi hotspots, streaming video, television, radio, etc. we may need to do just a little more than leave the room to be alone to pray. Today, the distractions follow us wherever we go. We need to disconnect in order to find solitude. How often do we completely disconnect, become inaccessible to every human being on earth so we can spend uninterrupted time with our heavenly Father? And when we do, how often is that time cut short due to our inability to stay focused?

We want our ministries to explode with the power and love of God. We want people’s lives to change and to have an impact on the world around us. But, where does that kind of ministry come from? Solitude in prayer with God. We need to hear from God, to know His plans for us and our ministries, and to understand what we are to do next. There is no hope for us to be successful in His eyes without His guidance.

Better management of social media, connecting with fans before and after the show, engaging the audience during the show, and even praying with people one on one are all good things. But, they are meaningless until we have heard from our Father. The direction, strength and power of our ministries can only come from spending time in solitude in prayer.

Father, I want to have an extraordinary music ministry. Help me to overcome distractions to spend more time with You.


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