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The Christian Band Booking Calendar

There’s no secret formula for booking, like anything else you simply have to know what to do, when, and how to do it. This guide has the tasks to focus on each month and links to how to do each task. Get my strategy for booking the best shows in this FREE PDF guide.

Music Law: How to Run Your Band’s Business

Need sample performance agreement contracts? This book has downloadable and editable forms. You’ll also find advice for dealing with booking agents and touring, including the budget. Get ahead of the pack by applying this practical, easy to understand information.

Onstage Success

Putting on an outstanding, memorable show is one of the best ways to get re-booked and make booking easier. Tom Jackson specializes in performance skills for singers and musicians. Be sure to check out the YouTube channel  and the blog as well as the website. If you’re in a worship band at church you’ll also want to check out Expressive Worship for worship team onstage training.

Musicians Guide to House Concerts

Learn the secrets of house concert success with this free guide from Oasis. This guides tells you how to set up for the show, how to handle the money, how to pitch the idea to your fans, and how to make the most of your house concert. If you’ve never done a house concert before, this is a good overview of what it takes to do it well.

Band Helper

Need an app to help you with everything from creating and sharing set lists to booking? Check out Band Helper. BandHelper is a paid, online service with a monthly or annual subscription fee based on the size of your band. It’s not free but it might be just what you need to save time and keep the band organized.

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How to Make Your Band Sound Great: Music Pro Guides

If you want to sound good live Bobby Owsinski is the man to follow. He has multiple books available on sound—this is one to start with. How to Make Your Band Sound Great explores every aspect of playing with other musicians, including the equipment, hardware, and software used in today’s increasingly complex technological world, and the principles of sound every musician needs to know to work at the level of a professional band.

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