What Goes in a Christian Band’s Press Kit?

A Christian band’s press kit helps bookers decide if they want to hire your band and provides information to media for potential publicity. What your put in your press kit can make or break your music ministry. Here’s an overview of what you should include in your Christian band’s press kit:

Your press kit is extremely important. Take the time to make this marketing tool intriguing outstanding. 

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There are several things that every press kit really needs to have. The most important one of all of them is your band’s photo. The reason for this is that many bookers and promoters will look at your photo first and then they’ll decide if they want to go through the rest of your press kit. So, create a photo that’s absolutely amazing and interesting—so interesting that it will compel bookers to look at the rest of your press kit.

The next most important part of your press kit is the band history, some people call it your band biography. This is really the meat of your press kit and it talks about the background of all your band’s accomplishments, as well as giving people an overview of what your band is doing now. The most important question that Christian musicians must answer in their press kit is, “What is God doing through your ministry?” and this is the place to really highlight that answer.

Additionally, you’re going to want to include your music. In a physical press kit this is going to be your CD or your 3 song demo. In your EPK you’re just going to provide links to wherever your music is available online.

That gives you the very basic press kit and with that you will be able to get some jobs. But if you really want to stand out and be amazing, you need to include at least some of the next few of these items.

The next one I like to see the most is individual band member biographies. This really gives you the opportunity to show how you’re going to relate to your fans through your own personal stories. Of course bookers, especially Christian bookers, love to see that.

Additionally I really think that you need to include some recommendation letters. The very best recommendation letter that you can get is from a band pastor, or at least a pastor who knows most of the people in your band. You’ll also want to include some recommendation letters from gigs that you have played in the past.

A really fun thing to include is called a quote sheet. This sheet is just random quotes from recommendations letters, from media that you’ve gotten write-ups in, even from your fans, all put together on one sheet. Bookers love to hear what other people are saying about you and about your ministry.

Lyric sheets are incredibly helpful to especially Christian bookers because they look at the lyrics, at the content, and they try to match your lyrics up to the special event that they’re planning. So say for example a booker from Christian Motorcyclists Association is going to be putting on an event where they’re inviting a lot of non Christian bikers. They would look at your lyric sheet and be able to tell if you have some songs that the non Christian bikers could relate to, or if you are just going to do a complete praise and worship set that they may not be all that comfortable with. However, if you were getting booked to do a picnic at a church, a praise and worship set might be just perfect. So, lyric sheets can be very helpful to bookers to get the exact right ministry that matches their event.

Some bands also like to include posters. Posters ensure a continuity in your marketing. In other words, whenever a fans sees your logo and sees your colors done in that specific way, they don’t even have to read anything to know that it’s you. So some bands kind of recommend that most bookers and promoters use the posters that they provide.

There are some things you can out in your press kit that for most Christian bands I do not recommend.

The first one is a contract. Christians tend to be pretty wary of contracts, they can be a little intimidated by them. Whereas secular markets tend to view contracts as being perhaps more professional or at least attempting to look business-like. When a local band or even a regional band uses a contract in the Christian market the Christian bookers tend to say that that band is maybe all about the money or a little bit arrogant because they’re trying to be more than what they really are. It really comes down to they just feel just a little intimidated.

Another thing that I do not recommend that local and regional bands add to their press kits are technical riders. Top tier artists use technical riders to ensure the quality of their shows, especially the sound. When local and regional bands try to do this the bookers generally don’t read them, and generally don’t understand them even if they do read them. Probably 90% of the time they’re not going to give you the equipment that you requested in the technical rider anyway. Pretty much, they’re intimidated and they don’t know what to do. And so again, their tends to be that you are trying to be more than what you really are.

Instead of contracts and technical riders I really recommend that most Christian bands would be better off just simply to use a confirmation letter, which spells out most of the things that are in the contract and the technical rider but doesn’t require the booker or promoter to sign anything.

Other things that your EPK could have would be extra photographs that obviously the bookers and promoters could share in their social media and on their websites. And you may want to include extra logo files that they could do the same thing with.

Your physical press kit could have business cards, that would be a really good addition. Usually I like to put in 2-3 in case they get lost.

And they can also have some stickers. If you make your stickers the right size you can put a sticker on the front of your physical press kit folder and a couple of them inside.

Now don’t get crazy with this. In the past bands just went insane as they were trying to get the attention of especially labels and the bookers for larger tours. They would put things inside of their physical press kits that just in the end made them look silly. It started out by including t-shirts, which were fine, and then they would put in things like confetti. Eventually they went to pop-up art that would pop open as soon as you opened the folder—they went to music that would play as soon as you opened the folder. And, really it went downhill from there. If you can think of it, somebody has probably tried it and it really wasn’t very effective.

I can’t emphasize enough: do not do this—DO NOT DO THIS. It makes you look self promoting and it makes you look desperate, especially when you are a local or regional band. It’s really just not necessary.

Instead if you want to make your press kit stand out and you want to give the bookers and the promoters something that’s free, give them something that’s going to help their ministry. You don’t need to promote your ministry. You need to help them make their ministry as good as it can possibly be.

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Next time we’re going to talk about all of the components that are in your press kit. We’re going to dive in with a little more detail and tell you how to create each piece, and how to save money on it, as well as what each piece is used for when it’s not in your press kit.

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