Purchasing Band Equipment with Tithe Money – Does God Approve or Not?

  Here’s the video transcript: Purchasing sound equipment is an expensive business investment. Occasionally a band will make enough profit from gigs to buy some equipment, but most bands are finding it difficult just to break even these days. So, unfortunately, one of the first places many bands look to get money to buy equipment … Read more

Get Money for Ministry by Selling Your Band’s Used Equipment

  Here’s the video transcript: Need more money for your Christian band’s ministry? One way to get it is to sell your band’s used equipment. After you’ve done your Christian band’s end of the year evaluation and set your goals for next year, you probably realize that your band does not expect to have enough … Read more

Get Endorsements for Your Christian Band

  Here’s the video transcript: Every musician and band wants free stuff: instruments, sound equipment, lights, cases, and strings are expensive, and free is always better. Every band wants to feel important and say, “We’re endorsed by this famous company.”   You probably can get endorsements for your Christian band. They just won’t be the … Read more

Save Money on Batteries for Musicians

Christian bands go through 9V and AA batteries quicker than the Federal government spends your tax dollars. There is not a lot you can do about the country’s spending habits. But you can cut your band’s expenses by purchasing batteries inexpensively and using them wisely. Here’s what does not work well: ● Using rechargeable batteries. … Read more

Humidify Your Guitars

Winter, not my favorite time of year. Honestly, some days I just don’t open the curtains because I do not want to see all the white stuff on the ground. I complain about it too. Alot. My throat gets sore, my hair needs extra conditioning and my skin gets dry. I dream of the warm … Read more

Backline Equipment

What does it mean when a venue says all bands will backline equipment? First, let’s define “backline” vs. “frontline”. An easy way to remember frontline is that it means the equipment typically placed on stage in front of the band. Sound equipment is set up on the stage to reduce feedback. So, the basic PA system, including … Read more

Prevent Equipment Theft

Christian bands often have equipment stolen from Churches.     Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. In the case of equipment theft, that is certainly true. If your band’s equipment gets stolen the night before your next show, all the insurance in the world will not replace it … Read more