Avoid Accusations of Inappropriate Behavior

Your ministry can be compromised by fans who will do almost anything to get attention, even accusing you of inappropriate behavior. Here’s a few simple steps to protect yourself and your Christian band from their false accusations.   Here’s the video transcript: Today we’re talking about avoiding accusations of inappropriate behavior. Here’s an almost hypothetical … Read more

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

In the time of monarchies, when a king died the people shouted, “The king is dead. Long live the king.” This was a way of honoring the dead king and then looking forward to the reign of the new king. Today Christian musicians can shout, “The Christian music industry is dead. Long live Christian music!” … Read more

Why We Do What We Do

A Personal Message from Marie When I first started this website and Christian Band Help, most of the people who read it knew me personally. You knew not only who I am, but what I am passionate about. Today that is just not the case. This website has exploded, especially in recent months, to the … Read more

God Wants Us to Wear Pink

  Today you are getting something special… a post from my husband, Mark Wise (my favorite person in the whole world). He is the bass player for the band Right Side Cast. I could go on forever about how amazing he is, but I’ll let you read this and see for yourself! God Wants us … Read more