Is Your Christian Band a Business or a Hobby?

Here’s the video transcript: Ideally, your Christian band is a ministry that changes the lives of people around you. But, how does your band’s ministry file taxes? How does your band get a bank account or a credit card? Does your band pay sales tax on equipment purchases? In short, how does your Christian band … Read more

Protect Your Band’s Name

  Here’s the video transcript: Once upon a time, a band picked a name they liked and started using it. They had t-shirts printed, business cards made, and ordered a banner for their stage and merchandise table. The band played shows for about a year, gaining a loyal following and doing quite well. Their website … Read more

Choose the Best Band Name

Your Christian bands name affects almost everything the band does in business and ministry. Choosing a band name is one of the most important decisions the band has to make; but coming up with a great name is tough. The band name is important because it creates an identity for the ministry. It defines what … Read more