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We all know the story of Joseph, it is often taught in Sunday School and from the pulpit. But, have you ever considered what Joseph’s life might have been like if his brothers had not treated him so badly?

Here is an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional.


“But God” Positions My Future

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.”

Genesis 50:20 NLT

Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery and told his Father that Joseph was dead. Unforgivable… until we consider the words “But God”. How would Joseph’s life have been different if his brothers had not betrayed him? Would he have lived out a safe life as a farmer or shepherd? Life may have been easier, but he probably would not have ended up in Gods book of heroes. Understanding “But God” allows us to move from unforgivable to compassion. “But God” allows God’s plan to unfold in our lives regardless of how other people treat us.

As musicians we often feel betrayed or taken advantage of by people on the business side of our music. Concert promoters don’t pay enough or advertise our shows well. Labels offer contracts slanted firmly in their direction. And everyone wants to help our ministries—for a price. Often, people don’t do what they say they will do and still want to get paid. It never ends. Money is tight and we have calling to fulfill… “But God.”

Although God does not approve of people harming us, He often uses their actions to position us. Unfortunately we cannot see the whole picture in the midst of betrayal and hurt. Sometimes it takes years for God’s plan to be revealed. Yet we MUST trust that there is a plan both for us personally and for our ministries. God positions us now for His plan for our future. Positioning can be painful. Forgiving is difficult. Compassion towards the offenders is almost inconceivable. But God.

Father, help me to remember today that You are in control of my future. No one can stop Your plans for me, but You can use people to position me. Remind me to trust my future to You so that I can have compassion and love in the present.

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