Business Card Holders for Your Christian Band’s Merchandise Table

Business card holders are one of those fairly innocuous items that we usually don’t put much thought into buying. Many Christian bands either do not put their business cards on the merchandise table or put their cards on the table but do not put the cards in a business card holder. Both are mistakes.

Business cards are an advertising tool to get your band gigs. I have come across several promoters that regularly attend concerts but do not want people to know who they are. These people feel that they are practically stalked by bands as soon as the band finds out they might be interested in hiring them for a gig. So, they watch how the band members relate to fans and if they like what they see they casually walk by and pick up info about the band from their merch table without calling attention to themselves. The business card reminds them to check out the band’s website after the show.

Business cards can also be used as a ministry tool, especially for fans that do not have money to buy your bands merchandise… give them to fans with an encouraging message on the back and your autograph. The band benefits because that fan leaves with something to remind them to go to the band’s website. The fan receives encouragement and personal attention at a time when lack of money might be causing problems in their life.

Business cards on your band’s merchandise table can be very useful.

The downside to business cards is that they are lightweight and easily blown away or scattered into a mess on the table. These problems are alleviated with the right business card holder.

Because I am always talking about standing out from the crowd and doing things creatively different, you might think I would recommend an unusual business card holder like this one:

Rolodex Black Mesh Business Card Holder (22251)
It would add interest to your bands merchandise table. But no. Think about it… do you want people paying attention to your business card holder? You want people to notice the card, not the stand. Make your business card interesting and creative; choose an uninteresting holder that shows off your card.

Most people buy a business card holder that looks like this:

Amazon Clear Acrylic Business Card Holder Stand ” Better Quality”

Amazon sells them for $3.99 but you can probably find them cheaper at office supply or dollar stores. In this case, cheaper is not always better. Most business card holders are made to sit on someones desk in an office. You will be using yours in a variety of situations, including times when fans are crowded around your table grabbing merch and outdoors shows.

The disadvantages of the average cheap business card holder:

• They are lightweight (.8 ounces) so they blow off the table at outdoor shows or topple when bumped.
• They break easily, especially when thrown in the merch crate at the end of the night.

What I like about this holder:

• It is clear so the cards show through, drawing attention to the cards rather than the holder.
• It has sides to help keep the cards from blowing away.

For just a couple dollars more you can get a business card holder that will work much better for your bands purposes. In my opinion, it is money well spent.

This is the kind of holder you should buy:

Kantek Acrylic Business Card Holder, Fits 80 Business Cards, Clear, 4 x 1 7/8 x 2 Inches (AD30)

What I like about this business card holder:

• It is heavier at 3.8 ounces so it is less likely to topple when bumped or blow off the table.
• It has sides – so the cards won’t blow away or scatter into a mess on the table.
• The higher front protects much of the card from dirt and keeps the cards together in the merch crate.
• It is clear so the card shows, not the holder.
• At $4.66 it is still really affordable and won’t kill the bands budget if it needs to be replaced.

There are even heavier and more expensive business card holders available. But, as you pay more you have to be more careful to take better care of the holder so you don’t have to replace broken ones frequently. Very few people are that careful when packing up at night. So, inexpensive (but not cheap) and durable works best for me.

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