Does Your Band Photo Pass the Test?

You know the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Before anyone reads a word of your bands press kit, they will see the band photo. This band photo gets plastered everywhere—posters, the band website, promoters and venues websites, and CD’s.

So, what does your current band photo say about your band? Can you tell just by looking at the photo what genre of music the band plays? Does the band photo look interesting enough to make the people want to know more?

Here’s a quiz to see if your band photo is helping your ministry.

Rate your photo on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best:

_____ The physical photo is an 8” x 10” available in color and black and white.

_____ Anyone can determine the band’s music style from the photo. The background, poses, and clothing reflect the style of music.

_____ The photo has high contrast that will reproduce well. This is critical for newspapers and because most promoters will either photocopy the photo or print it using an inexpensive printer.

_____ Band logo and contact (booking) information is in the white space across the bottom. Do you want more shows? This one addition gets the band advertised every time you sell a photo at the merchandise table.

_____ Band members clothing is not seasonal (i.e., no shorts or heavy sweaters). This photo will be used in all climates and seasons.

_____ Prints of the photo cost $1 or less to make.

_____ The band sells autographed photos at the merchandise table. Sharpie markers are available at each show to write the autographs.

_____ The photo is the primary picture used on the band website and can be downloaded easily by anyone.

_____ The photo looks as good as any secular band photo in your music genre. Go to some websites and check them out; does your photo measure up?
_____ You like and are proud of your band photo.

Add up your score. Here’s how to rate yourself:

Under 25: Your photo is in the bottom half of band photos—it may be hurting more than helping. A complete overhaul is probably in order. Make some changes NOW!

26-40: Your photo is in the middle—not amazing, not too bad either. Look at the lowest scores on your test and upgrade as needed.

41-50: Now we’re talking! Do a little tweaking and you’ve got a winner!

So, how did you do? Don’t get discouraged if you didn’t do well—make the changes and take the test again! Your band’s photo can and should be amazing because the work God does through you is amazing. Keep up the God (good) work! Gal. 6:9


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