Band History/ Biography Page is the Centerpiece of a Press Kit

The Band History or Band Biography page is the centerpiece of your bands press kit. It is also the most difficult page to write because there are not a lot of rules. If you were an established secular band you would use this page of the press kit to highlight your bands accomplishments such as CD’s, major shows played, big name bands you have played with, and famous producers you worked with. You do not need to completely exclude these things, but since you are a music ministry (and especially if you are new band without many accomplishments) you should highlight your bands ministry.

Christian Band Press Kit
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Answer the question, “What is God doing through your band?” and you’ll have a great band biography.

The primary reason Christian venues ask bands to play is authentic ministry. Most Christian promoters are not so interested in fake advertising style hype. They want to know you have a following and can draw a crowd, but are more concerned about your ministry. So, use your band biography page to demonstrate that your band is truly interested in helping people get closer to God.

Here are several ways to effectively write a Band Biography:

● Tell stories about past ministry experiences. Use real life examples such as the kid who planned to commit suicide after your show but didn’t because of something you said. You can combine several stories with brief narrative in between to illustrate the theme of how God uses your band.

● Interview the band. Ask the band members key questions like “How has God used you in this band?”, “Why did you choose this band name?”, or “How has this band changed the lives of people around you?” Then pick the best answers and write an article just as if a newspaper or magazine had interviewed you. If you have a great answer, you can always tailor the question to fit it better.

● Read the individual band biographies to get theme of what God is doing in your ministry. Use the band history/ biography page to write an informative article on the main topic. For example a band whose members all say they have the heart of a worshiper can use the band biography page to talk about what the heart of a worshiper is. Then you can point out how your band does this well.

● Compare your band to one or several famous secular band(s)… ”What if  ___________________  played music that worshiped God? The music would ____________ and the audience would _______________”.  Be very careful with this… DO NOT defame, slander, or in any way put down the secular band(s). Simply point out that your band sounds like them, but has Christian lyrics. Point out how your concerts are different from theirs due to the Christian focus. NOTE: This is my least favorite way to write a bio because it is done often by inexperienced bands and most often, not done well.

It is OK to experiment with different possible layout and writing styles for your band biography or history page. Eventually, you will come up with the content you want to include and the writing style that best suites the content. Remember that your page will be updated annually, so perfection will be a process. Expect to edit, change, edit, change, and edit every year.

Unlike other parts of your press kit, there’s no formula for the layout of your band biography page. Most band history/ biographies are one or two pages long. Make sure your band logo and booking information are present. Keep it business-like in presentation, with a little creativity to peak the promoters’ interest. There is a fine line between fun creativity and way too busy goofiness. When writing their own band history/ biographies, most artists have to increase solid content and decrease the creativity of their layouts. Show the proposed page to several people, including Pastors, to get their input before publishing it.

You can include a couple photos of your band performing. But, since you are focusing on your bands ministry, it would be best to show pictures of the band ministering either from the stage or one on one. Do not repeat the photo you are using as your main band photo because that will be featured in the press kit and on your web site.

Remember that writing a Christian band history/ biography is not the same as writing a secular band history. Secular biographies highlight the accomplishments of the band; Christian biographies highlight the ministry of the band. So, it will not do much good to compare your page to similar secular bands pages.

Ideally, your bands history/ biography will not be like any other band. It will be a true reflection of you and what God is doing through you.

Do you have a photo of members of your band praying with people? E-mail it to me at: and I’ll add it to this post with a link to your band’s website.

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