Favicons Establish Your Band’s Brand

Here is one more super easy trick to help fans remember your Christian band:
use a favicon on your website.

What is a favicon? The favicon is the small icon that shows up before the http:// at the top of your browser. It also appears when your site is bookmarked (or favorited). The default icon is probably your hosting provider’s icon or looks like a blank sheet of paper.

Most people do not consciously notice a favicon. In fact no one is going to come to your band’s website just because you do or do not have a favicon.  But having a customized favicon does make your band look more professional and can be used to help your fans remember your band’s image. Take a look at the ChristianBandHelp.com page as seen using Google—the red arrows are pointing out our favicons.

Favicon Icon Christian Band Help

Do you see how the color purple and the gold C are helping to reinforce the company’s brand? It is our hope that eventually, every time you see a purple background with gold lettering you will think about Christian Band Help. This little favicon is just one more way we put that connection into your brain. (We are sneaky like that.) Your Christian band can and should do the same thing.

Christianbandhelp.com favicon

Here is the favicon for Christianbandhelp.com, enlarged so you can see it better:

Favicons are super simple to create.

Here are the easy instructions if you use BLUEHOST as your website host:

If you do not use Bluehost, you can easily modify them for your site’s webhost.


● Create a 16×16 pixel icon (most people use Photoshop or Illustrator, but if you do not have that kind of program you can use the website Favicon.cc). Look at other sites’ favicons to get inspiration. Keep it super simple because it is so small. If you are not using Favicon.cc, save your image as a PNG because it is the easy to do and creates the smallest possible file size.

● Upload this image into the public_html folder

<img draggable=” /> From the Bluehost control panel go to “Files” and click on “Legacy File Manager”

<img draggable=” /> A pop up called “Directory Selection” will appear. Check the box that says “Web Root (public_html/www)”. Then click on “Go”.

<img draggable=” /> In roughly the middle of the screen click on “Upload Files”, there is a green arrow in front of it.

<img draggable=” /> Click on “Browse” and find the file with the icon.

<img draggable=” /> “Open” the file, then click on “Upload”

● Rename the file

<img draggable=” /> Scroll down to find the file you just uploaded. Click on it.

<img draggable=” /> A menu will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on “Rename File”

<img draggable=” /> Type favicon.ico into the field and click “Rename”

You are done! The whole project probably took you less than half an hour. Now your website looks professional and your band is just a little more memorable!

This is the fast and easy way to create a favicon. For most of us, this method will be the way to go. Of course, favicons can be much more complicated. For those of us who are more technically inclined, the most in-depth article I found is: Create a Favicon for your site in 8 steps or check out this article and favicon generator: https://websitesetup.org/favicon-generator/.

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