Increase Your Band’s Fanbase with SEO

Part One: Terminology A strong internet presence is one of the most important tools in a Christian band’s arsenal to increase your fanbase by finding new fans and staying in touch with current fans.  Every Christian band should take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, U-Tube, and its own website. But having sites, posts, tweets, and pages does not … Read more

FREE Kindle Edition of Copyright Basics

Do you want to know more about Copyright Laws? You can get a FREE Kindle Edition of Copyright Basics by the Library of Congress Copyright Office. Click Here to get your edition of Copyright Basics. This brochure was created by the United States Copyright Office to give a basic overview of Copyright Laws. Don’t have … Read more

The Poor Man’s Copyright

The Poor Man’s Copyright is not effective in court. In previous posts we have learned who can claim copyrights, what those rights are, and how to get them. Now that we have defined copyrights, we are moving into the area of protecting your bands copyrights. In the songwriting industry, protecting your copyright hinges on two main ideas: • … Read more

Prevent Equipment Theft

Christian bands often have equipment stolen from Churches.     Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. In the case of equipment theft, that is certainly true. If your band’s equipment gets stolen the night before your next show, all the insurance in the world will not replace it … Read more

God Wants Us to Wear Pink

  Today you are getting something special… a post from my husband, Mark Wise (my favorite person in the whole world). He is the bass player for the band Right Side Cast. I could go on forever about how amazing he is, but I’ll let you read this and see for yourself! God Wants us … Read more

Band Biographies – Essential to Your Bands Press Kit?

Band biographies are frequently left out of press kits. They are difficult to write, especially for a young band. More often than not, new bands biographies come off as silly and are detrimental to the bands ministry. But, well crafted band biographies can be used to demonstrate the professionalism of the band when handling business … Read more