Why We Do What We Do

A Personal Message from Marie When I first started this website and Christian Band Help, most of the people who read it knew me personally. You knew not only who I am, but what I am passionate about. Today that is just not the case. This website has exploded, especially in recent months, to the … Read more

Every Band Does Not Need a Website

Here I go again, bucking the ”industries” conventional wisdom by saying that every band does not need a website.  If your band is happy playing out for fun several times a year you probably do not need the expense and headaches of maintaining a band website. There is absolutely nothing wrong with existing as a … Read more

Fanfunding and Crowdfunding for Christian Bands

Crowdfunding also known as fanfunding is the social network of fundraising… a tool to raise money for your next project by combining the resources of millions of potential investors. Does your next project need money? Instead of hitting up your relatives for a loan, consider doing fundraising online through Crowdfunding. There are several funding platforms … Read more

The Title of Your Song IS Important

Many songwriters compose the title of the song after the song is written. Most often the song title is pulled from a key phrase or thought within the chorus of the song. Some artists view the song title as the final touch of the work like a painters signature, others see it only as an easy way … Read more

Radio Interviews for Christian Bands

Radio interviews with bands are good for both the station and your Christian band. The station creates excitement through live interviews and, hopefully, gains more fans as the band publicizes the event. The band gains more exposure (which should translate into more fans) and credibility as a professional in the music ministry (which can be … Read more

Choose the Best Band Name

Your Christian bands name affects almost everything the band does in business and ministry. Choosing a band name is one of the most important decisions the band has to make; but coming up with a great name is tough. The band name is important because it creates an identity for the ministry. It defines what … Read more

Increase Your Band’s Fanbase with SEO Part 2

Part Two: SEO the Basics We discussed the importance of ranking high on a SERP in Part One of Increase Your Fanbase with SEO.  Using SEO to rank on the top of the first page will help more people find your Christian bands website and Facebook page. Hopefully more traffic to your pages will increase … Read more