Booking a House Party

House parties can be an exceptional tool to expand and deepen your Christian bands ministry. But booking house parties is not the same as booking any other type of show. Generally, house parties are put on by homeowners who have never promoted any kind of show. It becomes the bands job to make the process … Read more

House Parties for Christian Bands

House parties are very trendy right now among secular musicians. The stereotype of house parties being primarily for teenagers, with loud music and alcohol has given way to an upscale chic version of an intimate concert setting where fans can hear and meet the band. Will house parties work for your Christian band? The possible … Read more

Your Christian Band’s First CD

A Christian Bands first CD should not cost $10,000.   Many Christian bands have been told to focus all their attention on getting their first CD completed as soon as they form the band. Bands believe they “won’t get anywhere” without a CD. So, they rush to write 10 good songs, pay to get into a … Read more

Business Card Holders for Your Christian Band’s Merchandise Table

Business card holders are one of those fairly innocuous items that we usually don’t put much thought into buying. Many Christian bands either do not put their business cards on the merchandise table or put their cards on the table but do not put the cards in a business card holder. Both are mistakes. Business … Read more

Get Media Attention for Your Band’s New Release Party – Part Two

Strategy #2: Find the Right Media People to Tell Your Story How to create and use a media file. In Part One we discussed Creating a Newsworthy Event for your Christian band’s new release party. CLICK HERE to read Part One before continuing to Part Two. Doing something newsworthy is the most important step to … Read more

Christian Bands and Income Taxes – Part Two

Part One of Christian Bands and Income Taxes covered the reasons why we should pay whatever taxes we legitimately owe. CLICK HERE to read Part One before reading Part Two. In this next segment of Christian Bands and Income Taxes we are discussing The Information and Records You Need to Keep for Your Bands Income … Read more

Notebooks for Songwriters

Are you an avid songwriter? Do you like to write down your songs by hand? Check out these extremely easy to use notebooks: The Musician’s Notebook: Manuscript Paper for Inspiration and Composition This notebook includes: staves for writing music, tablatures for recording chords, and space for writing lyrics. Pages also have quotes from legendary musicians … Read more