My #1 Recommendation for EVERY Christian Musician!

Save Your Ears

Your career as a musician depends on your hearing. Lose your hearing and your career is over.  For a Christian musician loss of hearing affects your musical career and will impact your ministry negatively. How can you expect to minister to people with your music if your cannot hear the music or the people talking to you after the show? So, as a Christian musician you need to protect your ears every time you perform and every time you practice. Protecting your hearing protects your music ministry.

I know in some genres it’s not cool to wear earplugs and “Louder is Better”. I know it sounds like your Mother is telling you what to do. I know some people say you are weak if you wear earplugs.

But I say, it is not cool to make yourself deaf in an attempt to be cool—
especially if you are planning to be a musician the rest of your life.
Save your hearing, wear earplugs.

Several things affect hearing loss:

                ● amount of exposure time

                ● average noise level

                ● peak noise level of loud sounds

                ● individual person’s susceptibility

Hearing Loss and/or ringing in the ears can occur from a single concert. We’ve all been to shows and come out with our ears ringing. Usually it goes away in a couple of hours. But, repeated exposure can cause permanent hearing loss. Most good soundmen monitor the levels in the room with a decibel meter. But almost no one checks the levels on stage. It is up to you, the individual musician, to protect yourself.

The very best earplugs are custom molded to your ears and made especially for musicians. You would need to go to a hearing specialist to have the molds made. Of course, these are not cheap. When you can afford it, this is still money well spent if you plan to play music professionally the rest of your life.

For the rest of us… who live on a tight budget:

the best-selling musicians earplugs in the United States are the

Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs (White with Clear Stem)

ER-20 Hi-Fidelity ear plugs made by Etymotic Research.

In Europe, the best-selling natural sound ear plugs are the

Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians

MusicSafe Pro and MusicSafe Classic ear plugs made by Alpine in the Netherlands.

Both of these earplugs are designed to give you high quality sound that is not muffled, just quieter.

In a pinch, any earplugs are better than none.

My husband’s band, soldlower quality earplugs at the merchandise table. We bought them initially as a joke because we were running sound for some very loud screamo shows, thinking the kids parents would get a kick out of them. They are bright yellow with flames on the sides. We were quite surprised at how many people of all ages bought them. Now we don’t travel without them. Often, I forget my good earplugs and grab a set of these. I may be forgetful in my old age—but I can still hear quite well Thank You!

So, save your ministry and your career as a musician by saving your ears. Wear earplugs every time you play!

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