Gig Opportunities

Gig Opportunities for Christian Bands

Lorraine Theater

The Lorraine Theater has been restored by residents of Hoopestown, IL. Now they’re ready to book a variety of performers, including some Christian musicians. Contact them by messaging thru their Facebook page: or e-mailing Tami at




Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ – Fairbanks, Alaska

This church is looking for contemporary gospel or black gospel bands or soloists for concert bookings.  They are located at 2404 South Barnette in Fairbanks. Travel expenses are negotiable.

Contact for booking: Tamara Hornbuckle  (907) 452-7594





This page is a list of potential gigs for your Christian band to play that do not fit into our other lists of Christian Venues, Christian Fests, or State and County Fairs.

Christian Bands and Musicians:

From time to time bookers ask us to help them find Christian musicians to play shows. Most often the shows are a one time event working with private parties (like birthdays, weddings, graduations, or corporate events) and churches who do not usually host Christian music events. In the past we have responded by recommending whichever musicians I knew of in their area. But there are simply too many Christian musicians using this site now to keep track of where you all are from and when you will be touring specific areas. So, we will be posting requests for Christian musicians on this page from now on. We will also put the new requests on Facebook and Twitter with a link to this page for more information. Musicians are asked to contact the booker directly.

Many of these shows are free shows. But remember the advantages of playing free shows. Here’s a list of posts that will help you make the most of playing free shows:

Should Christian Bands Play Free Shows?

Book More Local Gigs

Radio Interviews

How do you get an event posted on this page?

E-mail It would be helpful if you would put GIG OPPORTUNITIES in the subject line. We will need to know the basic event information: date, place (be sure to include your state and city), style of music you would prefer, who and how to contact to play the show, and pay (please be sure to make it clear if you want free musicians so the musicians who cannot afford to play for free will not contact you).

Musicians: If you are asked to play a show and cannot do it please ask the booker to e-mail me to post on this page. Let’s make sure every potential gig is filled with Christian musicians!

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