Get Your Band’s Name on Stage

Here’s the video transcript: Getting your band’s name on stage is important because… If you tell me something (like your band’s name) I’m probably going to forget it. I’d like to blame this on maturity (code for loss of memory due to old age), but I’ve always been this way. Sometimes I have an earth … Read more

Do Real Bands Play Cover Tunes?

Here’s the video transcript: YES! Bands that do not play cover tunes are either already famous (so other people are covering their songs) or aren’t playing out much at all. Even if your band never intends to perform live, there are still many great reasons to learn cover tunes. One of the most important reasons … Read more

Surprise and Delight Your Audience to be Memorable

  Here’s the video transcript: Why does an audience remember a band? Good merchandise? Great music? Cheap ticket prices? Professional sound? Just an all around good show? No. Think about the most memorable concerts you have been to. Which bands in particular stand out from among the crowd? I remember a band that had way … Read more

Prescription for Average Stage Presence: Critiques

WARNING: This technique should not be applied by the faint of heart. DISCLAIMER: Critiques should not be used if you are sensitive by nature or easily hurt and offended. Side affects from the use of critiques may include: watching way too many videos, lengthy brainstorming sessions, and gut splitting laughter at yourselves. There is also … Read more