Save Money on Batteries for Musicians

Christian bands go through 9V and AA batteries quicker than the Federal government spends your tax dollars. There is not a lot you can do about the country’s spending habits. But you can cut your band’s expenses by purchasing batteries inexpensively and using them wisely. Here’s what does not work well: ● Using rechargeable batteries. … Read more

Guitar Pick Punch

Have you seen these guitar pick punches? They use scrap plastic such as store rewards cards and cut them into the shape of guitar picks. Here is the brand that is most highly rated and most often purchased on Amazon: Pick Punch As with all equipment, guitar pick punch reviews are mixed. Some people love … Read more

Get Endorsements for Your Christian Band

Endorsements are the stuff dreams are made of. Every musician and Christian band wants free stuff—instruments, sound equipment, lights, cases, strings are all expensive and free is, well, better. Every band wants to feel important and say, “We are endorsed by this famous company”… ahhh… living the dream. Pause for a minute and dream because … Read more