Registering Songwriting Copyrights

Registering your songs copyrights does not give you more copyrights. It does make them easier to prove. Registering your bands songs with the Copyright Office is somewhat confusing to many Christian musicians. Why should you register or not register? When should your register? How do you do it? How much does it cost? These are … Read more

Copyright Notice – Your First Line of Defense in Copyright Protection

Copyright Notice is your Christian bands first line of defense for Copyright protection. Your Christian bands copyright notice is like a speed limit sign. Picture driving down the freeway in a brand new Lamborghini, borrowed from a friend. The music is loud, the sun is setting, and the day is perfect… until you see red … Read more

Copywrite or Copyright?

This symbol refers to copyrights, not copywrite. I have seen Christian band members use the words copywrite and copyright interchangeably. So, let’s clear up the meanings and the spelling. Both words are pronounced the same way (hence the confusion) but they have very different meanings. A copywriter is “a writer of advertising or publicity copy”, … Read more