Christian Music Festival Survival Guide

Christian Fest Survival Guide CoverThe Christian Music Festival Survival Guide
is a FREE gift
to give to your fans.

Use this book to encourage fans to support live music. Give it away as a FREE gift when fans buy tickets from you for a fest. Pass it on as a freebie in your bands newsletter. Keep your social media interesting by including the link for this FREE gift. Add value to your merchandise by giving a printed copy with each t-shirt or CD you sell at the merch table. Give the Christian Music Festival Guide as a Christmas or birthday gift to your fans from the band.

If you can think of ways to use this guide you have permission to do it—there are no rules and no strings attached!

The Christian Music Festival Survival Guide covers these topics:

• Buying Tickets
• Setting Up Your Trip
• What to Pack
• Driving Safely
• Check In
• Setting Up Camp
• Showers
• Food
• Safety Tips
• Doing It All
• Spiritual Impact
• Getting Around
• Buying and Selling
• Prayer and Counsel
• Banned Items
• Pets
• Breaking Camp
• Going Home
• Unpacking
• Staying in Touch

The Christian Music Festival Survival Guide is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 International License. That means you are free to use it however you want as long as you give it away free and attribute it to by Marie Wise. The attribution is already in the guide, so leave it in there and you do not have to do anything else.

There is room at the bottom of the cover and on the last page to add your bands information. If you want to put in the extra work, you can even change the branding throughout the brochure to match your music ministry. So, The Christian Music Festival Survival Guide can truly be a gift from your band to your fans.

What is the catch?

We are trained to believe that nothing is free and that there must be a catch. But all your training and past experiences are going to be disrupted today because there is no catch. You do not have to pay to be a member of our website to get the guide. (We don’t have members, this site is free for anyone to use.)

You do not have to sign up for our e-mail list to get this gift. It is FREE as our way of sowing into your ministry. You will have to give us your e-mail so we can send you the file but we do not keep it or sell it to anyone else. Giving us your e-mail to get the Christian Music Festival Survival Guide DOES NOT add you to our e-mail list. This guide is FREE for you to use as a Kingdom resource however you see fit!

How do you get The Christian Music Festival Survival Guide?

The PDF file and the printer friendly versions are ready for you now! Click on the Add to Cart link to get your FREE copy today and remember—share it with your fans and friends.

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Other File Types:

The Christian Music Festival Survival Guide is also available in epub, mobi, pdf, rlf, lrf, pdb, and txt at You can also download the original document from Smashwords. This format might be helpful to you if you are adding to or modifying the file to include your band’s or fest’s contact information.


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