We are all too often consumed with the breadth of our ministry.
But the scope or largeness of our ministry can only be sustained with depth.

For example, take the construction of the foundation of a building. When we want to build a one-story ranch house, we could use a slab foundation. It is quick to construct using somewhat shallow perimeter footings and a few inches of poured concrete with a base of sand and gravel underneath. When we want to build a much larger multistory house, we use much deeper perimeter footings to hold the additional weight of the house. But when we want to build a skyscraper, the foundation is quite different because the buildings are expected to resist earthquake, fire, and wind. The extra weight of the large building and the necessity of protecting the large number of occupants cause us to dig down to bedrock before attempting to create the foundation. Then we use large steel footings and beams which are reinforced with rebar for added strength. Skyscraper foundations are often five stories or more deep, while the average house foundation is usually one or two feet deep.

Most of us want our ministries to be as large as skyscrapers. We have all seen what happens when skyscrapers collapse, both actual buildings and large ministries. Frequently the cause of the collapse is a foundation that is not strong enough to support the weight of the structure through the ever-changing conditions around it. If, in this analogy, the skyscraper is our ministry it must be built on the foundation of the strength of our spiritual life, which must be set on the bedrock of Jesus.

This book is designed to help you build a stronger foundation for your ministry through daily devotions. When many people talk about expanding band ministry or going deeper into ministry they discuss topics such as leadership development, expanding your band’s fan base and getting signed to a label. But a strong foundation starts with an extremely deep relationship with God. There is no substitute for it. There are no fast tracks and no hacks to get there quickly. Relationship is developed and grown over time consistently spent with another person. It cannot be phoned in or put off and expected to grow. Relationship cannot be completed; it is ever growing, ever changing, and eternal. Therefore, it must be worked on daily, consistently, and with intention.

Success in music ministry depends on us keeping relationship with God as our highest calling and then staying focused on the work He has called us to do.

We cannot be so easily distracted by the tasks of music ministry, family, church etc. as to lose sight of the reason we are in music ministry: to bring people closer to Jesus. The reason we do what we do—people—are always more important than the tasks of what we do. Living in God’s love and practicing His presence moment by moment is the only way we can experience success as music ministers.

This article is the introduction from The Christian Musicians Devotional.


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