Guitar Strap Trick to Keep You Plugged In

From time to time I still see guitars coming unplugged in the middle of a set. Apparently, not everyone knows this, or at least, not everyone is doing it. Some of you are very energetic on stage (good job!). You need to do this one super simple trick with your cord to keep your guitar or bass plugged in while you jump around on stage.

So, here it is (as demonstrated by Mark)-

The super simple way to
keep your guitar or bass plugged in:

Step One:

Guitar Strap 1

Bring the end of your cord in behind your strap.








Step Two:

Guitar Strap 2

Bring the cord up from the bottom and over the top of the strap.







Step Three:

Guitar Strap 3a

Plug in as usual.









When you are done, it looks like this:

Guitar Strap 4The weight of your instrument pressing against the strap hold the cord in place.









Guitar Strap 4aYou can now feel free to jump around without fear of coming unplugged!