Guitar Pick Punch

Have you seen these guitar pick punches?

They use scrap plastic such as store rewards cards and cut them into the shape of guitar picks. Here is the brand that is most highly rated and most often purchased on Amazon:

Pick Punch

As with all equipment, guitar pick punch reviews are mixed. Some people love them as an inexpensive alternative to buying picks at the local music store. Other people complain because the edges are rough (you can sand them slightly with a nail file or sandpaper). The gauge of the scrap plastic may not always be consistent either. On the plus side, you never run out of picks. One credit card sized piece of plastic makes as many as 6 picks. Once you buy the punch, you have free picks for life.

This one has the second best rating and is the second most purchased on Amazon:

Guitar Pick-a-PaloozaTM – Custom Guitar Pick Puncher- Make Your Own Guitar Picks – Guitar Pick Jewelry – Guitar Pick Necklace – Guitar Pick Key Chain – Guitar Pick Bracelets and More – Create Cool – Customized – Unique Guitar Picks – DIY Guitar – Smooth Edges – Ready To Use – Guaranteed to be 100% Fun!

Whether or not you like to use the picks to play, guitar picks have some definite value for making merchandise to sell at your bands table. The options are only as limited as your creativity!

Guitar Pick Maker – Guitar Puncher Tool That Makes Custom Picks – This DIY Pick Hole Puncher Is Fun and Easy to Use – Use Any Plastic to Make As Many Quality Unique Picks As You Like – This Guitar Pick Tool Gives 100% Fun Every Time – Cut Guitar Plectrum Picks Fast With Smooth Edges – Best Guitar Gift 100% Awesome and Never Pay for Picks Again

Signswise Portable Porfessional Flanger Pick Punch Guitar Pick Plectrum Maker Pick Cutter*Grey*

All of the standard 351 pick size punches on Amazon sell for about $20 to $25. The top 4 highest rated puches are shown here, but there are others to pick from (Haha – punny!)

Colored plastic strips are also available if you are doing projects that require specific colors or patterns.

Pick-A-Palooza Guitar Pick Pack Plastic Strips For Custom Guitar Pick Maker Make Your Own Guitar Picks Punch Custom Guitar Picks From Plastic Guitar Pick Sheets Use With Any Guitar Pick Cutter or Pick Puncher Guaranteed To Be 100% Fun!

You can buy guitar pick punches in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are usually more expensive than the standard size pick punch.

Pick Punch Jazz Shape Guitar Pick Making Tool

Pick Punch Large 346 Pick Making Tool

Pick Punch LLC Dorito Chip 355 Shape Pick Making Tool

It is possible to stamp a logo or band name on the picks. But, to keep the ink from rubbing off on your hand you must use Stazon ink  which comes in a variety of colors. StazOn is created to bond to plastic. Beware: StazOn will stain anything you accidentally spill it on. These pads sell for $7 to $8.50 on Amazon depending on the color. (Hint: you may be able to get them cheaper at a local craft store if you use their coupon. Look in the rubber stamp or scrap booking sections.)

Tsukineko Full-Size StazOn Multi-Surface Inkpad, Jet Black

StazOn is a very strong ink, so it requires a specific cleaner to get the rubber stamp clean after use. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can put away a dirty rubber stamp and use it again later. It sells for just under $7 on Amazon. (But you should check your local craft stores and their coupons for a better price.)
Tsukineko 2 Fluid Ounce Bottle StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner with Dauber-Top, Lightly Lemon Scented

To make sure the ink does not rub off on your hands it should be sealed with a product called Glazon sealer. It is a clear glaze formulated specifically for StazOn inks. DO NOT skip this step if you are selling picks as part of a band merchandise product – you could potentially ruin some of your fans clothing. It is available in gloss, satin and matte finished which sell for under $9 each.

Imagine Crafts GlazOn Layerant and Sealant for StazOn Inks, 0.5 Fluid Ounce, Original


A kit is available which includes a 351 style pick punch, small and large sanding blocks, a stazon ink pad, ink cleaner, brush set, and ink sealer plus and assortment of plastic strips. It sells for $69.40.

Pick Punch LLC Guitar Pick Making Craft Kit

In the end, a guitar pick punch is a fun little novelty item. A pick punch may save your band some money over time if you like to play with the picks. You will definitely have no excuse to ever run out of picks. The pick punch might make your band some money if you use them to make band merchandise. If there is someone creative in your band (or a band family member) who wants to give it a try, this certainly will not break the bank.  

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