Christian music ministries must protect their good name. Christian bookers will not hire a band with a sketchy reputation. We represent Jesus and we want to make Him look good to people who look at us.

But what does Jesus think looks good?

In an effort to avoid the appearance of sin are we falling into the trap of being a Pharisee? Are we doing what comes easy for us? Or are we simply too afraid to get out of our comfort zone and risk it all to love someone closer to Jesus?

Here’s an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional to help us really live what we believe.


Looking Away in Fear

“The LORD is my light and my salvation—
so why should I be afraid?
The LORD is my fortress, protecting me from danger,
so why should I tremble?”

Psalm 27:1

Fear can make us run the other way. Fear can paralyze us. But most often, fear does a little of both. It makes us look the other way so that we are able to live with ourselves while we do nothing. After all, if we do not see a need or a problem, we are not responsible to deal with it, right? Too many of us have been raised with this mindset as the Christian way of life. We are afraid of people and their problems because they are messy. If we get involved we will get dirty, our reputation might be tarnished, and we will certainly be inconvenienced. Most likely we will be hurt because hurt people tend to hurt people. So, with fear as a root we avoid the whole issue by looking the other way.

For example: It is so easy to talk to the fans that want our autographs. It is much more difficult to start a conversation with the person who stands at the back of the room. Since we have the work of the ministry to do, we can easily look the other way by staying busy loading and unloading gear. But why should we be afraid to go out of our way to see a hurting person? We have the answer they need. The Lord IS our light and salvation. He does not merely give us light and salvation as gifts from time to time. He has already completely given us Himself; parts of His character are light and salvation. Because of this we never run out and we do not need to be re-gifted because there is always a steady supply. We are equipped to fearlessly see people’s needs.

Prayer: Father, destroy the root of fear in me. Cause me to be so aware of Your light and salvation that I cannot look away from hurting people without doing something to help.


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