How To Create and Use a Band One-Sheet

What is a One-Sheet?

A One-Sheet is appropriately named—it is one sheet of 8 ½” x 11” paper that gives all the necessary information about your band and your newest music release. Think of it as a promotional piece that gives more information than your business card and less than your band’s full press kit.

How is a One-Sheet used?

One-Sheets are used by people that want a quick overview of your band and links to more information. Primarily this includes: all media (radio, newspapers, and bloggers), retail store music buyers, and sometimes bookers or promoters that book large numbers of bands (clubs etc.).

One-Sheets can be used at gigs:

    • Ideally, your band should keep several copies of your One-Sheet in the merchandise crate with a couple physical press kits.
    • When you are approached by the media, give them an unsigned photo and your bands One-Sheet.  Articles can be written and interviews set up using the information.
    • The band booking agent (or manager) will give One-Sheets to promoters that might book a show in future. This is much less expensive than passing out free CD’s and/or complete press kits. The more expensive full press kits can be given to only the most promising shows.

One-Sheets can be mailed USPS inexpensively:

    • Obviously, mailing a One-Sheet is much less expensive than postage for a full physical press kit. You can even save the price of an envelope by folding it in thirds, sealing with a piece of tape or sticky dot (USPS will not accept staples) and addressing the back side.
    • Mail One-Sheets to radio stations and TV stations when asking for an interview. They can be combined with a press release for a specific event. Bring another One-Sheet to live interviews (or mail in advance) as background information for the interviewer.
    • Mail One-Sheets to Christian Bookstores as part of your request to sell your merchandise on consignment.
    • Mail One-Sheets to all print media (newspapers, magazines) as background information for a special event your band is playing in their area or to ask for a bio and announce your latest release.

One-Sheets can be used online:

  • Add a One-Sheet as a separate link to your bands EPK. This should be the second link – right after the bands main photo, before the Band History and bios.
  • This link can be sent in e-mails to potential promoters and media.
  • Use this link as part of the managers and booking agents signature on all business e-mail.

What information goes on a One-Sheet?

Header – Set the header apart visually from the rest of the page by putting the information is a box, bolding or italicizing etc.

      • Band Name
      • Band Photo
      • Label Name and /or Logo
      • All band website addresses including: Facebook, Twitter, & E-mail
      • If this One-Sheet is promoting the bands newest release, also include the title of the release and the release date
      • If someone especially famous helped on the release you may want to add a tag line using their name to catch attention

First Paragraph – The main text needs to be written newspaper style, meaning that the most important is put first. So, if the reader stops at any point they should have received critical information. Remember that the people reading your One-Sheet are usually going through large amounts of information each day. Be concise and to the point, this is not the place for creative writing.

      • Brief introduction to the band
      • Past achievements
      • Brief introduction to the newest release

Second Paragraph – Expand on the information in the first paragraph.

      • Additional bio information
      • Successful tours
      • Background information on newest release
      • Older releases

Third Paragraph – Information about how the band and/or newest release is being promoted

      • Upcoming tours
      • Other major press pieces
      • In-store promotions

Sidebar or separate block – Newest Release Information

      • Release Title
      • Track Listing
      • Cover Artwork
      • Formats of release (CD, MP3 etc.)


      • Contact information for the person you want the media to call or e-mail. This is probably your bands manager.
One Sheet
Example of a One-Sheet Layout

How do I create a One-Sheet?

This is definitely a DIY project because it is so easy! Use any word processing program on your home computer. The layout should not be too crazy – keep it simple and easy to read.  Most of the information will come from the press kit you should already have written, just condense it down a little to fit on one page.

Here’s a couple extra tips:

Remember that the One-Sheets are primarily used for media people to create a great first impression. Think of this as a piece of advertising to business people – not creative but first class.

      • The physical One-Sheet should be printed on high quality paper (a heavier weight, bright, specially made for a laser printer). Do not use resume style paper, which is softer.
      • Print using a laser printer for the best quality.
      • Make sure your photos are printing extremely well; adjust contrast and brightness as needed.
      • Remove all hyperlinks from the printed One-Sheet but enable them for the electronic version.
      • Save your electronic file as the highest quality PDF possible.

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