Define Your Christian Band’s Mission

Define Your Christian Band's Mission

This FREE 5 part mini-course will help you lay a solid foundation for your music ministry.

Part 1. Defining Your Target Audience

Your target audience influences every decision you need to make from which social media sites you use to how to release your music. You must know your audience to have an effective ministry.

Part 2. Defining Your Music Genre and Style

Your music genre and style must line up to what your target audience wants to hear. If not, you are losing out on ministry opportunities.

Part 3. Defining Which Venues you Should Play

If you want to do more ministry, you have to play more gigs. But where do you look for them? Playing the wrong places is a waste of time and money.

Part 4. Using Your Appearance to Connect with Fans

How you look helps fans relate to you and your story. It’s important that your look reflects who you are rather than who the music and fashion industry says you should be.

Part 5. Using your Story to Bring Fans Closer to Jesus

Your story is the most important aspect of your ministry. Draw people closer to Jesus by telling them about what God has done for you.

Each section of this course comes with a short video and video transcript. There are a couple PDF downloads to help work through the classes and 2 Freebies at the end to move your music ministry to the next level!


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