Everyone complains, at least once in a while. We even complain about our ministry. We don’t think much of it and readily excuse ourselves from complaining. It’s just a little thing. Or is it?

Here’s an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional to help us get a better perspective on the effect complaining has on our lives and our ministry:


Complaining Will Change Your Future

“Their voices rose in a great chorus of protest against Moses and Aaron. ‘If only we had died in Egypt, or even here in the wilderness!’ they complained.”

Numbers 14:2

The scouts came back with the report—there were giants in the land. The Israelites would not be able to just walk in and take over; there would be a struggle to succeed. No one wanted to hear that. They had been through so much already; escaping from slavery and walking through the wilderness. God was with them and they had seen His miracles. Now they expected the easy life, not having to work and fight for what appeared to be an unwinnable battle. Silly Israelites! But wait… do they sound a little like Christian musicians who expect God to make them famous and their ministries well known?

When God did not act on the Israelites’ behalf as they expected, the Israelites complained. When their complaining grew so great in their hearts as to turn into rebellion, what did they get? Forty years wandering in the desert. Their complaining did not change God’s mind to work in the way they wanted. Their complaining did change their own hearts to the point that God could no longer bless them. Have you ever wondered what God would have done if the Israelites had listened to the two spies with the good report? What if they had responded to God by saying, “God, You know that we are tired and broken from our past lives. But we will work towards doing Your will as long as You are for us”? Music ministry can be exhausting; it can sap our relationships and finances. But, what will God do on our behalf if we simply stop complaining and work towards doing His will?

Father, I pledge today to stop complaining. Change my heart and empower my efforts as I seek to do Your will.


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