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Famous musicians often look like overnight successes. It is easy to look at their careers and wonder how far along we would be if we knew the right people or had enough money to do everything we want to do with our music. But, most of the time, overnight success comes only after day after day, month after month, and years of consistent hard work. Music ministry requires and even higher level of commitment—we must be committed to doing whatever God wants us to do if we ever expect to accomplish His plan for our ministry. Sometimes our struggles don’t make sense, especially in light of what other ministries seem to receive so easily. Nevertheless, God has a plan. It’s up to us to be committed enough to follow it. The story of Ruth can be our example.

Here’s an excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional to help get us through the difficult times:

Fortuitous Happenstance

“So Ruth went out to gather grain behind the harvesters. And as it happened, she found herself working in a field that belonged to Boaz, the relative of her father-in-law, Elimelech.”

Ruth 2:3

Isn’t it amazing how things “just happened” to work out so well for Ruth? Sometimes it seems like things work that way for other Christians and their ministries; they prosper in spite of difficult circumstances, while we struggle along trying to get by. But before we get too carried away comparing ourselves to other people, let’s look at Ruth’s submission and obedience. First, she was committed to God. She was not born a Jew but chose to become one. Ruth was submitted to Jewish law; she followed the commands of God. When things got tough, she did not go back to her old ways; instead she upped her commitment level, staying with Naomi even when the future looked like it would hold poverty. Ruth was also committed and submitted to the authority God placed over her—her mother-in-law. She went where Naomi told her to go and did what Naomi told her to do, even though the work was humble and tiring. Eventually Ruth found a husband and became co-owner of the fields she had gleaned. It was not fortuitous happenstance; it was God setting the whole plan up. But Ruth had to consistently do her part.

It is easy to look at ministries that have achieved a level of success and wish that like them, we could have been in the right place at the right time or that we knew the right people. But first we should check our own commitment, obedience, and submission. What has our track record been over the long haul? God plans fortuitous happenstance. He does not withhold good from us, but we must consistently do our part to follow His plan.

Prayer: Father, show me where I am falling short in obedience to You. Strengthen me to serve You well over the long haul.


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